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How To Lower Insulin Levels For Weight Loss

October 12, 2019

How to lower insulin levels for weight loss? In episode 22 of my How to Lose Fat series,
we discuss insulin sensitivity, insulin resistance and how to control insulin levels. Welcome to my channel. I am the lifting dermatologist, a Belgian
doctor with 28 years of weight lifting experience. If this is your first time here,
and you want me to help and motivate you losing fat, building more muscle and an aesthetic
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so you don’t miss anything. To start of this video, I suppose you already
know what insulin is, how it works, and what glucose and glycogen is. So we will not talk about that anymore. What I do want to talk about in this video
is insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity has to do with how well
your cells respond to insulin. People that are highly insulin sensitive require
very little insulin to store carbohydrates. By reason then, people that are insulin resistant
(like type II diabetics), need larger amounts of insulin to shuttle those carbohydrates
around. What this means is that when you have high
insulin sensitivity, you are able to eat carbohydrates without such a large rise in insulin. When insulin is kept low enough, fatty acids
can still be released. However, once insulin gets too high, fat loss
comes to a halt. People that have bombarded their bodies with
high-glycemic carbohydrates and processed foods over their lifetimes have become somewhat
resistant to the effects of insulin. Therefore, when they eat carbs, it causes
a larger release of insulin. This inhibits the release of fatty acids. Higher insulin levels equals more fat storage! For fat loss to occur, it needs an environment
of low insulin and high growth hormone. Growth hormone is a very powerful hormone
that is responsible for many positive metabolic functions, one of which is the release of
fatty acids. In order to increase growth hormone levels,
you need to have insulin levels low. GH and insulin levels are inversely correlated. When one is high, the other is low. Insulin is released in response to a meal
that contains carbohydrates. Insulin is directly correlated to both the
amount of carbs you eat (called the glycemic load) and the glycemic index (GI) of that
carb. The GI, in short, is how quickly a particular
carbohydrate is digested by the body. The higher the GI of the carbs, the quicker
your blood sugar levels rise, and in response, your body releases more insulin to store that
energy. When blood sugar levels are persistently high,
the body’s cells stop responding to insulin as effectively. This is known as insulin resistance. Having insulin resistance is a warning that,
without intervention and effective lifestyle changes, someone with prediabetes may go on
to develop type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance and weight have a complicated
relationship. It is believed that being overweight by itself
can cause insulin resistance. Carrying extra weight around the waist is
a particular danger for this reason. Research has shown that belly fat produces
hormones and other chemicals that can cause health complications, such as insulin resistance,
high blood pressure, and heart disease. Belly fat also contributes to the development
of inflammation in the whole body. So how do we reverse insulin resistance and
control insulin levels? (1) Weight loss
Losing weight may help to reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance, prediabetes
or diabetes. Research has found that a weight loss of only
5 to 7 percent is enough to increase insulin sensitivity. (2) Eat carbs when insulin sensitivity is
high The best way to do this is both through nutrient
timing, and choosing the right carbohydrates in the first place. Your insulin sensitivity is at its highest
first thing in the morning, and after a workout. This is when your body has its lowest muscle
and liver glycogen, and therefore will be more receptive to soak up the carbs you just
ate, instead of sending out large amounts of insulin to store that glucose as fat for
another time. So when formulating a meal plan with a goal
of improved insulin sensitivity, try placing the bulk of your carbohydrates for your first
meal and the meals around your workout. Choosing the right food to eat will always
be the easiest and most effective way to increase your insulin sensitivity. Whole foods contain fiber. Fiber helps to slow down the digestion of
carbohydrates, and as a result, your body gets a nice steady feed of glucose to use
instead of a large influx of sugar that causes insulin to go through the roof. Whole foods also tend to have a lower GI. So, eat fruit, vegetables, legumes, potatoes,
and whole grains. They are high in fiber and have low GI. (3) Quit smoking
Regular use of tobacco products can increase the risk for diabetes and insulin resistance. (4) Physical activity
Regular activity of 30 minutes, 5 days a week, is all that is needed to improve insulin resistance. For best results, you should combine cardiovascular
training with muscle building exercises. (5) Vitamin D
Research has shown a link between a person’s vitamin D level and their ability to maintain
normal blood sugar levels. Ideally blood levels should be checked to
see whether vitamin D supplementation is appropriate. (6) Sleep
Too little sleep is known to increase a person’s risk for developing insulin resistance and
type 2 diabetes. Getting plenty of sleep each day can help
to regulate the hormones associated with feeling hungry, and to reduce the risk of glucose
metabolism dysfunction. (7) Medication
Sometimes, medication may be needed to help improve insulin sensitivity, especially when
dietary and lifestyle changes have not been effective. A medication known as metformin was shown
to be most effective at reducing insulin resistance. Next to this pill’s blood sugar-lowering
abilities (it is also known under the brand name “Glucophage”, AKA “glucose eater”),
research is being done to look into its anti-aging properties, next to the already known beneficial
qualities to cognitive function, as well as its anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular disease. (8) Other supplements
Taking supplemental chromium, vanadium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Omega-3 fatty acids, Magnesium
and Zinc has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. As for food, polyphenols, a naturally occurring
flavonoid, enhance insulin response and reduce insulin resistance. These polyphenols can be derived from green
tea, cocoa, and apples. Researchers have also found that cinnamon
helps to diminish the dangerous after-meal surge in blood glucose, due to water-soluble
polyphenols contained in this spice. Resveratrol, a flavonoid found in grape skins
and concentrated in red wine, has also been found to improve insulin responses. This was episode 22 of my How to Lose Fat
series. Click on this card to check out the other
episodes in this series. Thank you for watching. If you found this video helpful, give it a
thumbs up, and leave your comments or under the video.

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