how to get rid of cough and cold in ten minutes सिर्फ दस मिनट मे कफ और खासी से छुटकारा

November 9, 2019

boil some Tulsi leaves and water take
five six leaves of Tulsi Tulsi kept a cheap at Ipanema Valley when the water
turns light green just remove it from the stove and take the water in a glass japonica color Alka green who joy her
Ahuja I will say gasps a with our legs or standard add one tablespoon of honey
it’s a machine across from me like all feeling if they are capacity problem do
no JD both problems will be released immediately after drinking this water
add 1tsp of honey she let me live if you liked my video do subscribe my channel
do share it with your friends and relatives do comment if you just want to
say hi to comment below up now friends and relatives catotti share videos a
route shelter a whole view problem home initial comment me a property problem
job is a chart a whose be confusion no aplex uptake and don’t forget to
subscribe subscribed on a novel a or bell I count the banner now Boulais so
soon I’ll be coming back with another awesome video thank you bye bye gel he
may to say we do kisses the warranty thank you bye bye

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