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How to Cook Pizza Eggs When You’re Unexpectedly Single

November 14, 2019

Welcome to Cooking for the Unexpectedly Single. Today I’m making one of my favorite meals:
Pizza Eggs. Pizza Eggs is great for when you used to have
a spouse or a girlfriend that thought it–that this meal was disgusting, and now you don’t
have to worry about those kinds of judgement. And so you can make it and eat as much as
you want. Of it. Pizza Eggs is basically eggs on a pizza. These are the only ingredients you need: some
eggs and a pizza. But also some spices and some vegetables that
you like will make it tastier and perhaps more nutritious. I’m aware of another meal called “pizza eggs”
that uh, is chopped up pizza from the night before scrambled into your eggs in the morning. Uh, but I came up with this first, so they
have to change the name. Alright, first thing you do is get your pizza
ready for the oven. Let’s look at this. So this one, this one has three servings,
so try not to dwell on that. Preheat your oven for 425. That’s Fahrenheit. Fine. [pushes buttons, beeps] Great. It didn’t…it didn’t go. [pushes buttons, beeps] There. Alright, then you take this out, uh, that
doesn’t look… OK. Now you can get whatever kind of pizza you
like at the grocery store. Sometimes they don’t have all–the kind I
want, and so I can make it how I wanna make it. Um, I usually add some things to it. Oh! Pro Tip: Um, if the cheese doesn’t all come
out on the pizza, that’s OK! You can put it back on. Try not to get–let the little things get
you down. At this time. Alright, now uh, I have some um, some little
bell peppers and uh, so I’ll chop those up, well slice ’em, I guess. I’ll leave ’em in little rings, uh, and you
can just put ’em around. And then I also have some green onions that–never
really had on a pizza, but I had ’em left over from that ramen video, um that you hopefully
watched. Oh, woops! Don’t forget your safety claw. I always forget it. it’s fine. Woops, that one’s thicker than the rest. That one’s thinner than the rest. Alright, and then once you get to the pepper,
er, the little seed things, you can kinda just rescue this part here. This guy, this guy, and this guy. And then pretty much this–I don’t know. If you’re hardcore, you can eat that. That’s too hardcore for me. We’ll do this one just for some color variety. They say eating the rainbow is really good
for your micronutrients. I don’t know what kind of nutrients are in
these. Maybe Vitamin A and probably carotene. That’s a guess. So just toss that part. Let’s see if this’ll cover the pizza. If not, you can add more. Oh, we’ve got some factions…there we’ll
put some yellows over there, some reds on this side. OK, that’s enough peppers then. Let’s do some onions. They got kinda floppy ’cause they’re old,
but they’re still fine. Get rid of the–that part. And then just chop ’em up. They’re gonna wilt when you cook ’em, so don’t
worry too much about what they’re gonna look like. Yeah. Boy, that’s a lot of onions. It’s not like anybody’s gonna smell your breath
or anything. Man, it’s lookin’ good. I like my pizza spicy, so I’m gonna add some
crushed pepper flakes. [shudders] OK. And then um, this is an Italian dish, and
so a little Italian seasoning, which is really just, what? Marjoram, thyme, rosemary, oregano, and basil. It’ll just add some of those flavors to it. Great. Now we’re waiting for the over to preheat. OK the ovens preheated uh, which, thanks to
movie magic, appears to have only taken a few moments, but actually took an almost unacceptable
amount of time. Um, so we just put the pizza right into the
oven, on the oven rack, itself. And then the instructions say to turn the
timer on for 12 to 14 minutes, so I think 13 sounds about right. Now, the eggs’ll take about maybe five or
six minutes, and so uh, in about…in a few minutes we’ll come back and start the eggs. OK. Alright, so uh, the pizza’s getting close,
so it’s time to do the egg component. You can cook with butter or…I use olive
oil uh, just a thin amount is fine, and then crack uh, well let’s see. Uhh six eggs outta cover it. Space ’em out about evenly, so that there’s
a little on every um, every slice. Oop, oh well. It doesn’t matter. And I’m cracking ’em right in the pan. You can scramble ’em, if you wanna be weird. Now on about uh, um medium heat, these should
heat up about in time for the pizza to be done. Make sure you wash your hands real well after
touching eggs. [washes hands real well] You can season ’em
how you want. We already seasoned the pizza pretty thoroughly. You could add some pepper or something, but
I’m just gonna leave ’em as they are. Um, and then just cover, and uh, they’ll be
done when the whites turn white and uh, and the eggs, you can see the yolk’s kinda pink. You can stop ’em whenever you like for over-easy
or over-hard, but I like ’em kinda over-medium, and uh, they’ll take just a few minute here. Alright, so the pizza just beeped and the
eggs are real close, so let’s get the pizza out. Now um, just put it right on this cutting
board and um, now we’ll take our Instagram photo on the board and then probably eat it
off there too. Let’s take those off the heat. [sizzling] Oh! This looks nice. Yeah. Ok that looks pretty good. Now, dang. I wish I was just putting this on Instagram. That looks nice. Now we do this…check this out: you just
kinda get it glidin’, and then li–oops! Oh. OK. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Well shit. [sighs] You just have to laugh
in the face of tragedy–this really burns the fingers. Oww. Well, so that’s Pizza Eggs, um. Sometimes it doesn’t come out lookin’ great,
but it is very good. And uh, anyway if you liked this recipe or
you know, if you try it and have any comments or questions or improvements, you can let
me know in the comments. I’d love for you to like the video and maybe
subscribe and watch some other ones. And uh, you know, just remember that you can
still cook even though you’re single. You know, you can make a meal that’s, that’s
good, that you like, that’s make you feel happy. And uh, I’ll see ya next time. Thanks.

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