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How to Avoid Grazing & High Blood Sugar at Super Bowl Parties

October 9, 2019

Hey everybody! It’s Super Bowl week and everybody is probably
going to a Super Bowl Party. That’s a place you can really run into some
trouble with your blood sugar, if you aren’t careful. So just a couple of tips as you get ready
to go out this Sunday afternoon. Number 1: Go ahead and eat three meals before
you go so that you don’t get off your diet or treat the party as a meal. When you get to the party, if there are snacks
out, I fall into a really bad habit of grazing and not keeping track of my carbs. My blood sugar goes up, and then I don’t
enjoy the game because I don’t feel well. So to avoid that, I have two tips. First take a plate, and fill up the plate,
count the carbs, make sure you have some vegetables and other things to make it a really balanced
snack. That’s one way to do it. And then take your medicine or your insulin
accordingly to how much you put on that plate and try not to go back again to fill up the
plate a second time. The other tip is to figure out how many carbohydrates
you want to eat, and you can graze, and you can take your insulin or your medication accordingly
over time and then when you get to that carb limit, let’s call it 45 grams or 50 grams,
then you shut it down at that point. Lastly, I try to make a quota for how many
drinks I am going to have when I go to a Super Bowl party because it is on Sunday and you
got to go to work the next day. And so I usually say I am going to have a
couple of drinks, or three, and then when I get to that limit I stop. Because it is awfully easy to get to a Super
Bowl Party early and lose track of how many drinks you’ve had. That messes up your blood sugar, compels you
to make bad food choices too and then of course you feel bad going to work on Monday. We hope this is helpful! Enjoy the big game and we’ll look forward
to seeing you at!

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