Healthy Eating at Family Gatherings and Special Events

September 11, 2019

People living with diabetes and those trying
to prevent Type 2 Diabetes can have a difficult time at family
gatherings and celebrations. There’s a lot of tempting food around and
it’s easy to overeat. When you’re getting ready to go to a family gathering or celebration and you know
there’s going to be a lot of food around, planning ahead really helps. Just by knowing ahead a little bit about the menu allows you to plan in advance the foods
that are going to be easier to fit into your meal plan. If you’re not sure what’s being served ahead
of going to a special event, check it out when you get there. Take small
bites of the things that you think you might like so you can
save your portions for the things that taste the best. Family gatherings and celebrations are
special times to enjoy. Don’t deprive yourself. You don’t need to totally abandon your meal
plan, but you can take some liberties and most importantly eat slowly
and savor every bite. Don’t go overboard but choose the most
important foods that you really want to
enjoy. Here are some tips for eating healthy at
family gatherings and special events. Have a light snack or something to eat
before you arrive, so you’re not so hungry and
tempted to overeat. If it’s appropriate, such as a potluck,
bring a dish that you know you really enjoy and that fits into your
meal plan. At the event, fix one plate. Step away and enjoy that plate while you’re
visiting with family members and friends. Quench your thirst with water instead of
soda and juice. And, limit the alcohol. It’s double trouble. It enhances your appetite and it has a lot
of calories on its own. At celebrations, dessert is frequently the
highlight of the event. Plan for it by eating more vegetables
earlier in the meal, and saving calories and carbohydrates for that cake or
pie by putting a sliver on your plate filled with fruit. Special events are not all created equal. Some are more important than others. And at some the food will be better than at
others. Know in advance what’s really worth
enjoying. Don’t completely abandon your meal plan, but
eat like a gourmet and savor it. I’m Robin Edelman and with a little bit of
planning you can enjoy eating healthy at family gatherings.

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