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Hay Fever Season – Behind the News

November 11, 2019

It’s that glorious time of year
again! When the sun’s out
and the birds are singing. OK, if you live in Australia’s
South-East, you might’ve noticed that lately
things have been a bit, well, wet. I might have to rethink this picnic. Experts say it’s been an unusually
rainy few months and they’re worried that could
actually lead to a whole lot more of this through
spring… ..hay fever. It’s a common allergy that affects
around one in five Australians. It’s triggered by breathing in
something you’re allergic to, known as an ‘allergen’. They’re microscopic particles that
come from things like grass, pollen, dust, mould, even pet fur. Your nose traps those particles
in the tiny hairs and mucous inside so they don’t go into your lungs. But if a person has hay fever, their body thinks
some of those particles are dangerous and starts an allergic reaction
to get rid of them. Achoo! Leading to annoying symptoms
like a blocked nose, sneezing, itchy, stinging or watery eyes, even headaches. It’s just really annoying
cause there’s trees everywhere and it’s really hard to avoid it. We’ve got a cat
so she’ll walk around my bedroom and when I wake up,
I’ve got cat hair everywhere. So that’s the first thing
that affects me. You just can’t see,
it’s just really bad. You just feel all puffed up
and really terrible. Everything about hay fever
is just not right. I don’t suggest anyone ever say,
“Oh, I wish I had hay fever.” ‘Cause some of my friends are like, “Oh, I wish I could stay home
from school because of that.” And I mean,
you just don’t want that. You can get allergies at any time
of the year no matter where you live but spring is usually the worst time
for hay fever because lots of allergen-producing
plants start popping up. That’s why experts say all the
wet weather over the past few months could make this spring one of
the worst hay fever seasons for ages. They say lots of rain means
more grass and plants and therefore more pollen in the air. Luckily, there are ways
to treat hay fever symptoms. Some more unusual than others. Well, I do two different types
of tablets. Sometimes if I forget
to have a tablet, I will sit there and weep. I use nose spray and a nose inhaler. I find the eye drops
I probably use the most because my eyes are the worst. I usually get eucalyptus
and I smell it and it helps me clear my nose. My mum has like a home remedy
and she uses pineapple and that like clears the nose and it sort of stops itchy eyes
but not really and then I just take normal, like,
tablets and capsules and stuff. So, yeah. Some weather forecasts also give
daily pollen counts so you can find out how much pollen
will be in the air and be prepared. Experts also suggest staying inside
during warm, windy days or when someone’s mowing the lawn. And you might have to put little
Mittens or Max outside for a while. If you’re unsure, it’s always best
to chat to a doctor or pharmacist. So, when spring has finally…sprung, you’ll be ready
to make the most of it.

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