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HALLOWEEN 2019 | Mysterious Woman from the East | Mehron Paradise palette

October 14, 2019

Hello Beauties! My name is Ewa and welcome
in the next Halloween makeup tutorial. And I know that I look so beautiful like
Miss University, you don’t need to write this. Come on, write this…But anyway today’s
video, today’s tutorial, today’s look is inspired by Japan and Japanese culture,
and a little disclaimer here: please don’t come for me if this look
will have nothing to do with Japan. I am fully aware of this. That’s why I’m
saying that I am inspired by and remember that makeup is fun so don’t
take it too serious. So I will start with foundation, but only here, because I want
to make white oval, maybe round oval. Is there anything like this? And now with white paint I will try to
do this circle. Of course remember that it doesn’t need to be super precise. For
looks like this I like when you can clearly see this human’s touch. I am
leaving this white paint like this. I only will set everything with translucent white powder. It looks very not
perfect, so it’s perfect, and now hey! something unexpected Blood Sugar palette.
I will take Cherry Soda, cause it’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shade of red.
And will that shade I’m going to almost contour, I’ll do something like this, so I
will contour, but keep to this edge. Something like this. Now I will clean this edge. Now I’m going to play with black,
because I want to make my eyelids black, but only this moving part of my eyelid.
And I will do this with black eyeshadow and black paint, because my eyes like to
crease. It will be something like cut crease, but not exactly cut crease. I will
set do this with black eyeshadow, so this will prevent from creasing. Now the same
on the other eye. I did it a little bit too high here. I
need to do the same on this eye too. Actually it doesn’t look so bad. I wanted
to do something else, but this looks good. This looks better actually.
So now set, set, set, set with black eyeshadow. Also I did a little black dots
here, it makes my eyes more… Now I’m taking shade Sweetener and I am appling
in this place. You can add also this gold shade Donor.
Oh yes! You should even! Oh yes! So actually I will mix Sweetener with
Donor. Do those triangles, something like triangle. Now it’s time to make so
brows and those brows will be here something like that. This is what I want. Yes indeed. I have
here the same lashes, I mean the same model of lashes, the same style, but this
one is bigger this one’s smaller and I am in the middle, as you can see, of
applying them, so the bigger one goes on top of the smaller one on lower eyelid.
Yes, I’m leaving my white eyelashes, because I think it looks cool and not obvious. I want a little bit this red on my nose. And of course we’re missing only one
thing and it’s lipstick. Now let’s add some accessories. Much better.
I changed my conception with lower eyelashes, although that one looks more
sad, but I prefer more this version, also I make my brows more thick and here I am.
I don’t know what my name is. In the next video I’m going to continue my, let’s say
it adventure with Japan and Japanese culture, but what it will be, well you
shall see. So if you don’t want to miss this video be sure to subscribe and
leave me like if you enjoyed this tutorial and this look. Of course while waiting
you can always check my previous video, if you haven’t watched it yet and my
full playlist 2019 Halloween makeup tutorials and as always. I love you very,
very much! And I see you soon! Bye!

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  • Reply Mrs. Marvellous October 14, 2019 at 10:29 am

    Loved your disclaimer it’s all about art! 🖼 The bronze brow colors are so beautiful. ❤️ I’ve never done a bottom lash maybe I’ll try it one day. Love your creation!

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