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GRANOLA: Diabético Pode Comer Granola? Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Comer Granola? Aumenta a Glicose?

November 10, 2019

Who has diabetes needs to make some changes
in lifestyle and especially in food. Can the diabetic eat granola? Before you know, subscribe to our channel
and enable notifications. We know that a person has diabetes when
your glucose or sugar levels in the blood which is the largest source of energy in the
our body are very high. After being diagnosed with diabetes,
one of the first concerns that a person probably has is about how it will be
your food from then on. In terms of diet, a doubt that may arise
if the diabetic can eat granola. Granola is part of the food group
that although they are labeled as healthy, can bring hidden dangers to those who
suffer from type 2 diabetes. But what’s the matter with granola? It can bring more carbs than if
hold, in the form of added sugar or of other ingredients used to leave
the sweetest end product. Granola is one of the typical foods of
breakfasts with heavy contents of carbohydrates in its composition. That is, most of the composition of the
Granola corresponds to carbohydrates. For example, Jasmine brand granola
contains 50 grams of carbs in one serving of a cup. Remember that carbohydrates are processed
in sugar within our body. Most granolas are sweetened with sugar.
or honey and when the recipe gets the extra of dried fruits, an even higher dose
of carbohydrates is added. Dried fruits can even be a good source
fiber, alongside carbohydrates, however, don’t work well when put together
from another carbohydrate source like granola, which is considered a concentrated source of
Carbohydrates. That means even a small portion
of food can yield many carbs for the diabetic, so it is better to avoid. Share on social networks and Whatsapp. See you in the next video.

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