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Glucose Metabolism And Our Weight |

August 27, 2019

Speaker 1: Unfortunately, a lot of the chemicals
we’re exposed today are inhibiting the glucose metabolism, the utilization of blood sugar.
You’re eating foods and you can’t process them too well, therefore you’re not using
them for fuel. They’re floating around your body in a state called insulin resistance.
Chemicals cause insulin resistance in many cases. In this particular state, since you
can’t use the sugar for fuel then what are you going to use? Has anybody ever woken up
who’s a type two diabetic or maybe you have some clients or patients if you’re a health
care practitioner? Their blood sugar rises first thing in the morning and yet they haven’t
eaten anything all night. How’s that possible. It turns out a lot of people are breaking
apart their muscle to use for fuel. I just got done interviewing [Bijan Parat 00:55]
who says, “Look, if you can supplement these people with branch chain amino acids. I use
something called [Dabcib Coal 01:04] in my practice, I can change not only their blood
sugar levels, not only their entire blood sugar sensitivity issues but they start losing
weight.” Branch chain amino acids are one of the key triggers to tell your muscles to
stay healthy. To increase metabolism. Without them, you can shut down muscle tissue and
when you don’t have muscle metabolizing energy too well, who turns on? The fat cells.
By keeping your muscle healthy, you can increase something called your basal metabolic rate
which burns energy all day long. That way, you will have optimum production of energy
in your mithochondria and you will be a happy, healthy, strong human being.

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