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Giving Narcan by Nasal Atomizer

October 12, 2019

Now I’ll just demonstrate how to deliver Narcan or Naloxone for North Carolina EMTs
through a nasal atomizer. First we want to make sure you are using the correct drugs so we are going to do our 5 patient’s rights but lets take a look specifically at the
Naloxone here This is a multi-use vile, in this particular vile there is 0.4mg per mL.
In this pre filled syringe there is 1mg per mL so the dose and volume is a little different
from each so you have to be completely aware of what you are using an your system. Let’s
first start by doing the multi-use vile, typically the nasal atomizer comes in a 3mL syringe,
if you wanted to draw up more you would have to change out the syringe. Let me show you,
demonstrate it in that format. Here’s a 5mL syringe with a multi-use vile. In order
to draw this up I need to prep the site with alcohol, remove the cap, insert it into the
plunger, and put it upside down. I’m going to draw back 5mL. I use a one handed recapping
technique. This is a luer-lock so I’ll do a quarter turn and remove it. I’ll attach
the nasal atomizer. I will insert it up into the nose and for the first, I’m going to give 1mg so I’m going to deliver 2.5mL which will equal a multi-use vile of 1mg. I will
wait a couple of minutes to see how the patient responds, if the patient starts to breathe
on their own fine, then I stop, I won’t give any more but if the breathing does not
return adequately then I will insert it into the next nare and deliver the medication through the nasal atomizer. Another form of Naloxone is in the pre filled syringe, again this is a little bit different where this is 1mg per mL so it’s a prefilled syringe, this is
very easy to use. Simply remove the caps, insert, turning until the needle goes through the plunger, take the atomizer and we can give our dosage in increments up to 2mg. Again, here is the demonstration here. As with any medication once you’ve completed delivering you must dispose of items using proper containers so anything that is sharp go ahead and put
it into your sharp container. That’s how you deliver Naloxone.

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  • Reply stephanie traylor April 1, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Great video☺

  • Reply Lifestar EMS Training Center March 30, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    You can only give 1ml per nare.

  • Reply Pierce Foss May 5, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    awesome video man.

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