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Functions of Insulin Hormone – Genetic Engineering and Genomics – Biology Class 12

October 15, 2019

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students we are studying chapter genetic engineering and genomics in that we are doing topic insulin now we all have seen people taking insulin injections before eating certain people who have diabetes who they take insulin injection yes we are going to study about that insulin what is its function and how it is made today. Hello students they are doing chapter gnetic the engineering and genomics in that we are doing part insulin we all have seen people taking insulin injections or people who are diabetic precisely they take insulin injections before eating and we all have noticed that whenever they eat food they take that insulin injections it could be a child or a 80 years old man whoever has this diabetes condition Pig insulin injection so today in this part we’ll be studying about insulin now what is this insulin how does it function and if it is not present inside your body what is going to happen insulin insulin is basically a hormone when I say hormone it means you can say it is an enzyme that is made up of inner body and this hormone or enzyme helps us to carry out certain reactions in our body that is it helps us to break down food or to convert food in glucose now how does insulin function insulin is released by beta cells of the pancreas pancreas is an organ via stomach and beta cells of pancreas remove insulin hardwood or you can say enzymes once insulin hormone or enzyme is released you will be eating for ending it could compromise of rice da choppah whatever is there in your food platter once you eat that food food undergoes digestion process through various stages from your mouth to your buccal cavity then it goes inside your stomach digestion happens and finally food is converted into glucose so from food then comes digestion and then comes glucose now lupus is a form of simple sugar correct c6h12o6 glucose the one you get in blue quantity packets the same glucose is from inside our body so you are needing food digestion has happened glucose has formed a simple sugar is formed now now this simple sugar is nothing but your clock once glucose is from inside body or inside stomach what happens as betta sense of the pancreas they release insulin enzyme now this insulin enzyme is nothing but you see so glucose and insulin act as a key and lock model until unless insulin is present inside your system this glucose or the phone give us has no function okay it is simple analogy and then unless a key is present for a specific law this lock will remain waste so once you have eaten food glucose is form this insulin keep the unlock glucose and now this glucose can be used as a source of food the condition in which an individual cannot do this process this lock and key process is a condition that as well as diabetes diabetes is a condition in which you eat food okay you eat food for this digested glucose is form but this key or the insulin is not present so this unlock mechanism or the lock and key model will not happen and this particular individual will eat food glucose will be formed in higher levels inside his or her body but there will be no breakdown of glucose and the condition will cause either type 1 diabetes or type 2 like this what do we what do I mean by type 1 and type 2 like lists now there are two different types of bag this in one kind of diabetes which is that type 1 diabetes what happens is the individual has certain defects inside the pancreas and you to this defects inside pancreas insulin hormone is not produced and this condition is called as type 1 diabetes you cannot do anything about it you will bordick basically a genetic disorder now comes the type to be seized or the type 2 diabetes this diabetes if I can simple language the diabetes which we bring this is a lifestyle diabetes your irregular eating habits lifestyle patterns not exercising increase in weight blood sugar levels all this thing will lead to type 2 diabetes in this case you buy a lifestyle habit force the Pegasus or pancreas not to produce insulin and now if you were aware of this type 2 diabetes is rampant in India or it is increasing in India so let us see what insulin is and the function of insulin hello students we were doing chapter genetic engineering and genomics in that we are doing insulin let us see the functions of insulin insulin it is a hormone produced by Lita sense of pancreas insulin produced in pancreas help in glucose utilization or to assimilate glucose that is to break down glucose the efficiency of insulin leads to diabetes now let us see the functions of insulin for when we eat it is breaking down into glucose once glucose is formed inside our body pancreas beta cells of pancreas release a hormone or enzyme called s insulin now this insulin acts on glucose by acting on glucose we get by breaking down of glucose energy once insulin is not reduced by beta cells of the pancreas the condition is called as diabetes which may be type 1 or type 2 depending on the conditions thank you

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