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Full Day Of Eating – CARB LOADING- Back Workout

November 2, 2019

Good Morning youtube! Today I’m very excited Because Today I’m going to eat approx. 400g of carbs It will be a very interesting day… and later I’m going to do a back workout… back and biceps… so today it will be…I look forward for it I came take a walk… They are not yet 11 am… and already more than 30 degrees… it’s so hot …erm… I came walking during fasting As you guys know I do Intermittent Fasting you can see my last video I made where I speak about the Intermittent fasting I will add it here there are several studies that say that there are no benefits of doing cardio with empty stomach but… I tried it and I’m doing for a long time now… and… I had great results I… like to do it… try it yourself and see if it works with you see if it works for you… so hot I should come earlier I have finished my walk after a walk nothing better than a swim it’s 3 o’clock this is my first meal as you can see I made brown rice with turmeric 100 g I have 10g of walnuts organic from my backyard and I have an omelet with cinnamon on the top I love it you need to try cinnamon on the top of the omelet basically I add 100 g of egg whites 2 eggs organic too from my chickens and added spinach 200g and cooked with coconut oil and now I’m going to eat it’s approx 600 kcal I will put the macros in the screen all the info about the nutrition information approx one hour an half later I’m going to do I have 100g of oats and know I’m going to add a scoop of … whey In fact only 10g to give some flavour… whey from myprotein Mocha flavour don’t know if you try it but… to be honest I don’t like it I prefer the chocolate flavour and now the final touch a square of…. the best chocolate of all the time I am completely fan of this chocolate love it! it’s approx 400 kcal this meal now I’m going to put it in the fridge because… it’s very hot today to stay cooler next meal it’s the pre workout meal 88 g of raspberries caught in my backyard now 100g of oats again.. plus 10g of whey same flavour and brand and now we mix they are frozen (raspberries) I pick them and frozen This is my pre workout meal I’m going to workout in a little bit the aspect may not be the best but I can guarantee that it is delicious It is truly delicious you should try I finished my workout I’m going to eat now my post workout meal Six rice cakes …erm… I’m not going to eat protein now because I’m going to make my dinner now and today it’s high carb day so I’m trying to fill my calories with mostly carbs so therefore I’m reducing on protein so I’m going to eat now my rice cakes and approx 30 minutes after I’m going to eat my dinner guys, I’m going to cook my dinner now I will start with some coconut oil It’s hard to cook and film at the same time now I add some onions and garlic meanwhile, I prepared some mushrooms to add to the wok prepared 147g of chicken breast chicken breast from the chickens that are in my backyard so it’s much better now I’m going to add a little bit of ginger I like a lot in my foods we add the chicken breast and the ginger to the wok the remainder mix everything last I add basmati rice with turmeric mix everything again I can tell you that is a delight now I add two eggs to the wok also organic eggs now you put the eggs upon the rest tell me if this doesn’t look good? I can assure you that delicious ! and lettuce with tomatoes also organic from my backyard and now let’s eat! last meal of the day quark 300 g with 15g of almond butter from myprotein and 15g of whey protein It’s delicious! Thank you to watch the video If you like give a thumbs up and share see you in the next one

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