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Faith shares her passion for service at Medtronic Diabetes Canada

September 18, 2019

Hi, my name is Faith Hanna and I work with
the diabetes consumer care group. I have been with Medtronic for the last 6
years and they have been 6 wonderful years. The heart of what I do every day is listen
to our customers, empathize, resolve issues and to ensure that customers know that we
are on this journey along with them, each and every day. There are times when customers might be in
a situation where they are short on supplies it might be a last minute thing and we will
do our best to get our customer their supplies. As an individual or as a team we pull together
to insure our customers are never left without as this is so important for their daily lives. A situation that arose earlier last year in
May, our friends in Fort Mac Murray, Alberta suffered the devastating effects of the forest
fires, we immediately reached out to our customers
to let them know that we are here to help them in any way we can that we are here in the good times and the
not so good times, the challenging times, if they needed supplies, anything to do with
their (insulin) pumps we’re here just a phone call away, an email away and we’re a friend lending a hand to help
them through this time. Many people lost their homes and they may
not have had a home to go back to, so we wanted to alleviate the stress and strain
of what they were going through and to step in and help them to look after
the management of their diabetes. I invite you all to give us a call, send us
an email, we’ll be very happy to hear from you and to help you in any way we can. Thank you!

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