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Encouraging, Inspiring and Empowering Women of Color to Get Active | Pumped

October 12, 2019

How your legs feeling? Who does Latinos have
as a health champion? J-Lo is amazing. And she got a hot
body, but we really need to bring that sense
of health and wellness home because it’s missing. Right?
– All right. Let’s go. Latinas in Motion is
a nonprofit organization where we focus on
encouraging, inspiring, and empowering women
of color, specifically Latinas, to get active. Because there is a high
rate of obesity and diabetes in the Latino community,
specifically with Latinas. And the best thing
you could do for that is eat right and exercise. It helps me clear my mind. It helps me be in a space
with women who are relatable. That is so dope. We have fun while
we’re running, so you know, we’re talking. We’re catching up. We’re sharing. Whole time. We never stop. Everything from the kids, work. If we had a bad day. If we had a good day. I started it in 2012
here in Philadelphia. I was pregnant with my daughter. And I gained over 50 pounds. So I’m short. I’m 5’2″, so that’s a lot of
weight for my small frame. And I was already a thick girl. So I was a very thicker girl. And I was struggling with
postpartum depression. I was struggling with
obesity, just being really insecure about this new body. So I gravitated towards
walking because the gym made me feel so inadequate. Walking became jogging. Jogging became running. I heard about this Broad
Street Run, which is super popular in Philadelphia. It’s a 10-mile race. There were 40,000 people. I felt like I didn’t have
someone who was high-fiving me who understood my struggle,
who spoke my language, who understands my culture, right? So after I completed that
race, I got my medal, I decided to do
something about it. If you find a deficit, I think,
if you’re passionate about it, you should fill it. So that’s when I decided
to start Latinas in Motion. She finished though. When you run, and
you race, and you don’t see people who
look like you, who you feel like you can relate to. I did the Rock-n-Roll half
marathon with someone I met, you know, in Latinas in Motion. It’s a great forum to
reach out to others who are also trying to stay in shape. I was just like, OK,
I’ve never ran before. Let’s do this. It’s all about how can we
encourage each other to get out here, be consistent,
and really foster that sense of sisterhood. Give me two of those. Latinas in Motion has
changed my entire life. I feel like when I first
started, I was doing it for me, but now, I realize that I’ve
literally changed my community. I first got active,
which motivated my mother to get active, which motivated
my aunts and my cousins to want to get active. My daughter is nine years old,
and she’s completed two 5Ks. My mom is now
walking and running. All right.
Come on. I absolutely love
that we’re fostering this new sense of
health and wellness in the Latino community. Now, we have chapters
all over the US– New York, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Delaware. It’s really spreading
like wildfire. I think it’s
important because it’s not something that is talked
about often in my community. So I literally want to bring
up that topic so that we could talk about how can
we keep our culture but also still be healthy. Right? How can we still
eat rice and beans, but make sure we’re
walking, jogging, and running so that
we can literally live our very best lives? All right. Let’s go.

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