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Eating Berries Every Day For A Week Will Do This To Your Body

September 17, 2019

eating berries everyday for a week will
do this to your body berries come in all shapes and sizes from the smallest
blueberry to the biggest spikey aspyn apple berries are about as varied and
diverse as they come while you may already know that there are many
varieties of berries that make for a healthy and nutritious snack you might
not be aware of just how effective these little fruits can be when it comes to
maintaining a healthy lifestyle in fact according to the experts at health line
berries are in fact one of the healthiest foods that you can eat in
fact we here at bestie think that it would be in your best interest to make
an effort to eat berries every day so what makes berries so special before we
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have to offer now then we hope you didn’t bury the ledge on that little
segue too many puns we’re sorry hopefully you can forgive us
and bury the hatchet unless you think that we’ve crossed the line and that was
the final straw berry okay that was the last one we promise now let’s move on
and learn all about the many reasons why you should consider eating berries every
day low in calories you may already know the average adult needs a certain amount
of calories per day in order to properly function for women the requirement is
about 2,000 calories per day on average and for men the average number is 2500
in order to lose weight however it’s actually recommended to consume 500
calories fewer per day so around 1,500 calories for women and 2,000 calories
for men on average by maintaining this daily intake of calories you can expect
to lose about a pound of excess body weight per week one of the things that
makes berries so special is that they are relatively low in calories to give
you some examples of what we’re talking about one cup of blueberries is about 84
calories one cup of blackberries is about 62 calories and a single cup of
strawberries can contain as little as forty nine calories
with such a low calorie count that means that you can eat more berries at once
than you can with other foods while still controlling your daily calorie
intake and as we said before limiting your daily calories can help you lose
weight at a rate of one pound per week which means that after one full week of
eating berries you can already expect to see progress towards your weight loss
goals Hey one pound might not sound like much but
it’s a step in the right direction vitamins and nutrients in addition to
being relatively low in calories many types of berries contain a wide variety
of beneficial vitamins minerals and other nutrients to help you get through
your day one very important vitamin that all berries contain is vitamin C which
helps your body’s immune system and prevents diseases such as scurvy
remember when we said that one cup of strawberries would be about 49 calories
well in that same cup of strawberries you can expect to find a whopping total
of a hundred and fifty percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C
additionally berries provide an excellent source of manganese which can
improve the health of your brain bones and nervous system and vitamin K which
assists the body with blood clotting as well as bone metabolism the fact that
berries are so rich in nutrients yet so low in calories means that you can use
them to ensure you’re getting all the nutritional benefits you need in a day
without accidentally overeating after about a week of snacking on berries
you’ll not only be on the road to weight loss but you’ll probably be feeling
healthier too antioxidants most types of berries come fully loaded not just with
a wealth of vitamins and minerals but also with plenty of antioxidants as well
berries contain a massive amount of antioxidants such as anthocyanin ellagic
acid and resveratrol all these antioxidants are helpful to your body as
they can prevent cell damage by keeping the free radicals within your body at
reasonable levels among the many varieties of berries a study has shown
that blueberries blackberries and raspberries have some of the highest
concentration of antioxidants out of all the commonly eaten fruits just another
one of the many high benefits that berries have to offer in
addition to preventing cell damage the antioxidants found in berries can also
help in preventing inflammation within the body while inflammation is your
body’s natural way of fighting off injuries and infection modern diets and
lifestyles can often lead to excessive and chronic inflammation which in turn
can lead to unwanted conditions such as diabetes heart disease and obesity
thankfully studies have shown that the antioxidants that berries contain may be
able to help lower and prevent the chances of chronic inflammation in one
of these studies a group of people consumed a strawberry drink along with a
meal that was high in fat and carbs and the result was that the inflammatory
markers in their body was much lower than those of a group that didn’t add
the strawberries to their meal what this means is that strawberries as well as
other types of berries may be an ideal snack for those hoping to reduce the
risk of heart disease as well as other diseases and conditions it is also
believed that the antioxidants and berries can help reduce the risk of
certain types of cancer specifically cancer of the oesophagus mouth breast
and colon are all believed to present a reduced risk in individuals who consume
berries every day the anthocyanins ellagic acid and resveratrol found in
berries are all believed to reduce markers that are associated with the
formation and growth of cancers tumors in both people as well as animals high
in fiber like many plant-based foods berries of
all kinds are also an excellent source of fiber which aids in your body’s
digestion and may even help lessen the risk of certain diseases
more specifically berries provide a very good source of what’s known as soluble
fiber soluble fiber is characterized by the fact that it dissolves in water and
studies have shown that the consumption of foods containing soluble fiber can
slow down the movement of food through your digestive system this means that
eating foods that contain soluble fibers can reduce feelings of hunger and leave
you feeling full for longer amounts of time which in turn makes you less likely
to overeat or snack on foods that contain and
D calories this in addition to their already low calorie count makes berries
even more ideal for weight loss and weight management since a healthy
serving of berries will leave you feeling more full and satisfied than an
equally sized serving of foods that don’t contain soluble fiber if that
wasn’t enough the fact that berries are so high in fiber means that they’re also
low in carbs studies have shown that diets that focus on reducing carbs can
be up to two to three times more effective at weight loss and management
than diets that focus on reducing fat so that means if you decide to put down the
chips and start making berries your daily snack instead you can expect to
see fast results additionally it is believed that the soluble fiber found in
fruits and berries may also help your body by reducing bad cholesterol and
keeping your heart healthy strawberries for example are an excellent source of
pectin a type of soluble fiber that can reduce cholesterol by up to 10% in
addition berries such as strawberries and black raspberries have also been
shown to help lower and reduce cholesterol in individuals struggling
with obesity and metabolic syndrome it is believed that berries may also help
prevent heart disease by preventing LDL or bad cholesterol from becoming
oxidized or damaged berries may improve blood sugar studies have indicated that
berries may also be useful when it comes to improving your body’s blood sugar
levels as well as improving your body’s insulin sensitivity and insulin response
in one of these studies a group of healthy women consumed five ounces of
strawberries or mixed berries or about 150 grams along with bread every day the
resulting data found that the inclusion of berries helps reduce insulin levels
by as much as 26% compared to the bread alone in another study obese individuals
who are struggling with insulin resistance were encouraged to consume a
blueberry smoothie twice per day as a result the individuals who consumed the
smoothies experienced greater improvements to their overall insulin
sensitivity than those who did not this means that people who suffer from
insulin resistance can – berries as an option to improve their
insulin sensitivity and potentially lessen the negative effects of their
condition thanks berries so the next time you
decide to search your kitchen for something to snack on you may want to
consider putting away the chips and cookies and instead reach for a cup of
fresh berries not only will the vitamins minerals and antioxidants help to keep
your body healthy and protect it against disease but they will also leave you
feeling full and satisfied with fewer calories allowing you to start seeing
weight loss results in as little as one week while they might come in all sorts
of shapes and sizes one thing is clear with berries you
can’t go wrong did you find this video helpful or informative do you know any
other berry related facts we may have missed or glossed over let us know in
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like this thanks for watching

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