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Does Peach Mango Zipfizz Impact My Blood Sugar?

September 19, 2019

mmm it’s so good it’s so refreshing I’m
very surprised by this wrong I’m Sara otherwise known as Sara says hi and
today I am doing another blood test results on Zipfizz. I’m trying to decide
if Zipfizz is really a healthy energy drink mix that it’s advertised for
bottom line isn’t really keto friendly I did a previous video that I’m gonna post
up here for your viewing pleasure where I did a blood test on several sugar-free
energy drinks and Zipfizz happened to be in that group of tests it was a grape
flavored one and when I look at the ingredients on the grape flavored one
they’re pretty clean ingredients so what caught my attention was today I was
watching watch autumn keto and if you’re not familiar with her I’m gonna post a
link down below for her youtube channel but she was talking about the peach
mango Zipfizz that she had recently discovered that there’s maltodextrin in
this specific flavor I looked at the ingredients and sure enough it does show
maltodextrin now the grape one however does not have maltodextrin so why on
earth they chose to put maltodextrin in the peach mango flavor is beyond me I
want to test this which I suspect there is going to be a major blood sugar spike
if you’re not familiar maltodextrin acts even worse than regular table sugar when
it comes to your blood sugar readings when I did at the grape one I had an
initial spike of I think it was 21 milligrams deca liters
okay not bad 117 for one hour remember I was only 96 to begin with
so I suspect that we’re going to see a larger spike on this one I’m not going
to be doing the ketones because ketones can vary throughout the day I’m just
more concerned with the blood sugar so I’m going to be testing my blood sugar
every 30 minutes up to two hours I’m going to be starting with a base blood
sugar reading and just to let you know this is not early in the morning it’s
3:24 in the afternoon I have not had a meal since noon okay so our baseline is
92 I have my water bottle ready I’m just gonna go ahead and dump in the peach
mango Zipfizz into my bottle. I don’t know why I shook this. This really is a
great flavor – I love this flavor so it kind of saddens me that I might be
showing that this is not a very keto friendly drink. I’m going to drink this
when I’m done I will start the timer for 30 minutes mmm it’s so good it’s so refreshing. Done!
Alexa set a timer for 30 minutes I’ll be back it’s been 30 minutes so we’re back
to do our first blood sugar test so so far it’s not bad it’s 94 so it’s only
two milligrams deca leaders rise I will see you guys in another 30 minutes we’re
back with our 60 minute reading okay so we have 88 so far my predictions for the
Zipf is are wrong I’ll see you guys back in another 30 minutes I’m back with our
one-and-a-half hour reading okay so it’s going in a downward trend it’s 85 I will
see you guys in another 30 minutes I am back for our final blood sugar test on
testing to see if the peach mango zip fizz is really keto friendly Wow okay so
I’m very surprised by this we are at 78 I’m just gonna go ahead and display all
of the readings right here so our base was 92 the 30 minute was 94 the 60
minute was 88 the 90 minute was 85 and 120 minutes which is two hours was 78 so
the highest spike that we had was just within 30 minutes it went up by
two milligrams deca liters which is not very much at the one hour mark the blood
sugar just kept dropping every 30 minutes so peach mango I’m gonna
continue to drink you I won’t to be re-buying you because you have maltodextrin and I just don’t want that in my body but I will continue to drink up the
rest of this package that I already purchased because I probably still have
like 20-something of these to go final word is peach mango is okay other than
the maltodextrin so if you already have this in your inventory at home you’re
safe to continue drinking it but you might want to rethink this flavor on
your next purchase

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    U r very pretty….I'm glad u r making efforts to become even more so n healthy to boot….cheers!

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