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Dizziness and Fainting During Pregnancy: When to Worry | Parents

September 2, 2019

Pregnant women especially get lightheaded,
and dizzy, and occasionally fainted if they’re standing in one place for a prolonged period
of time. So, if you have the type of job where that’s you and you’re standing and you don’t
get to move around much, you are probably more likely to have those symptoms. And my
best advise for someone like that is to try to move your legs around and get your circulation
going. And if you need to, you need to sit ’cause that will be the best thing to do to
address it. Other causes of dizziness and lightheadedness in pregnancy can include hypoglycemia
and so I always tell patients to have a snack on you and then the importance of planning
ahead so that if that symptom hits you then you’re prepared. And then another cause could
be anemia. So, your doctor will do a blood test in the first trimester to see if you
are anemic. And if you are, in addition to prenatal vitamins, you should be taking some
iron supplements. Overall, I’d say you should always call your doctor if you have dizziness
and especially if you have fainting. But for a patient who doesn’t have any preexisting
medical conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease, most of the time if it’s
an isolated finding, it’s not gonna be serious for the pregnancy.

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