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Discovering the insulin pen I Research I Diabetes UK

October 9, 2019

I think it’s incredibly important to
celebrate the research that has been done by Diabetes UK. I have been Type 1
since I was two years old, nearly sixty two years ago, and the changes that have
happened have been absolutely incredible and I’m so so grateful for all of that.
We used to have to put keep our glass syringes with great big long needles in
methylated spirits or surgical spirits later on so things have changed
dramatically and it was a wonderful honor for me to meet the lady who
invented the pen this evening absolutely fantastic was one of the best changes
that have had ever happened to me. Once we got the pin device it made it
possible to do basal-bolus insulin doing four injections a day we just wasn’t
practical when you had to get a glass syringe out with a bottle and
everything and I think that’s me that it easier for people to control their own diabetes because it’s also made it so much more so socially acceptable.

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