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Diabético Pode Comer Queijo Branco? Quem Tem Diabetes Pode Comer Queijo Minas Frescal?

November 4, 2019

When a person is on a diet or has
some health problem, she usually changes the yellow cheese by the white cheese. But is this choice the best? Who has diabetes can eat white cheese? Before you know, subscribe here to our
channel and I already liked the video. A 30g slice of minas cheese has about
of 66 calories while a serving of cheese about 30g mozzarella has 92 calories. Taking this into consideration, we can already
state that the calorie switch is better. And besides, yellow cheese usually has
more fat than white cheese which indicates to a patient with diabetes that the
Mines cheese is the best option. We usually generalize the minas cheese or cheese
white, thinking they’re all the same, and we are wrong. There is minas fresco cheese, which has
66 calories to 30 grams, and its consistency it’s softer and softer, and he’s whiter
also. It has in the traditional version 68% fat,
while in the light version, 25% only, besides having only 155 mg of sodium. There is the standard minas cheese, which is more
yellowish, and usually has more fat and sodium, that is, it is saltier than
fresh, and has 96 calories. Standard minas cheese has 250 mg of sodium. There is also artisanal minas cheese, which
is made on the farms and your recipe is passed from generation to generation, but because
shorter shelf life cannot be be traded on the shelves we’re
used to it. Your calories can reach 50 calories per
30 grams and comes to own 385 mg of sodium. As we have seen, regarding calories, fat
and sodium, minas fresco cheese is the best for those with diabetes, since cholesterol
high blood pressure and hypertension are factors disease risk, and may together contribute to
for cardiovascular problems. Some studies claim that white cheese and
yogurt may help prevent diabetes type 2, and can help those with diabetes. We know that we need to balance the diet,
and it’s good for the diabetic to eat some latrine in your diet. But it is worth remembering that a slice of cheese mines
or a jar of light natural yogurt, without sugar is enough. Share the video with your family members. See you

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    Diabético pode comer queijo branco (queijo minas)? Será que quem tem diabetes pode comer queijo minas? Frescal? Padrão? Assista e compartilhe! — "Diabético Pode Comer Angu?" Veja — "Iogurte com Aveia Engorda?" Assista!

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