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Diabetes Type 2 – Medication – Metformin, Glimepiride, Rosiglitazone & Insulin

October 8, 2019

Medication, very important subject. I started on diet until about 2000.
In 2000 the Metformin started, it was ordinary Metformin.
I can’t remember how many milligrams but it was quite a bit. I’m afraid that didn’t really help me
a great deal, which you might be in the same position,
and then Rosiglitazone followed, Sulfonylureas, we tried various different drugs, bought up
the dosage. Metformin turned into modified release and
then in 2005 that was the big day when I was told you’re going on insulin because frankly
there is nothing else to try with you. At that time I was on 2000 mgs of Metformin,
4mgs of Glimepiride and Rosiglitazone but I was also shortly after that prescribed
the cholesterol tablets, Statins. I was also given Ramipril because there was
the first signs of kidney damage, very slight, but kidney damage nonetheless. And so there I had a whole set of five different
drugs I was taking and I was determined to do something about that, mainly because they
weren’t actually helping. Had they been controlling my diabetes I might
have lived with it, but my diabetes continued to get worse. Then I discovered this program,
well I discovered the science and I put the program together with extensive research. I collected products from various different
sources for supplementation and I managed to intake an enormous range
of herbal elements and minerals and vitamins in accordance with the research
I had been reading. The effect there was terrific.
I dropped my Metformin in stages, in four stages down to zero with testing in between,
intensive testing and I couldn’t really see any difference, there was no problem. I did the same with Glimepiride, I halved
it but I couldn’t do away with it and I actually found it was better to take
it at bed time for the morning readings rather than taking it at night which is what you
would be advised to by a doctor. That reduced my morning readings and it would
help with the dawn phenomenon. And to this day, that’s it. I also stopped
taking the Statins, my triglycerides dropped in fact everything dropped. The Ramipril I
had another test and they confirmed I could stop taking it, no kidney damage. Obviously that went along with the eye damage,
I reversed all the damage in one eye and most of the damage in the other and the results
were spectacular. To this day I take 2mgs of Glimepiride when
I go to bed and that’s all I take and I very much hope I can help you do the

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