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Diabetes Meal Planning: What To Know

September 19, 2019

Today we’re going to talk about a way to
plan your meals that many healthcare professionals recommend– it’s called the Plate Method. The Plate Method uses the dinner plate itself
as a blueprint for healthy meals. By reserving a portion of the plate for different
types of food, it can help you build meals with the proper amounts and proportions of
protein, starches, fruits and vegetables. The traditional Plate method uses a nine-inch
plate. You’d better measure yours, as most plates
that people use are bigger than this. When you set your plate on the table, imagine
it divided in half and then one side divided again. The large space is for non-starchy vegetables,
with most experts recommending at least two in each meal. Non-starchy vegetables include lettuce, tomatoes,
cucumbers, mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, and cauliflower. One of the smaller spaces is for your protein
serving—like meat, fish, or eggs. A properly-sized serving is usually 3 oz.
for women and 4 oz. for men, or about the size of your palm, minus the fingers. The other smaller space is for starches like
potatoes or corn or whole grains. The right-sized serving here is half a cup
of potatoes or beans or 1/3 cup cooked pasta or rice. With this section of your plate, you want
to try to choose whole grains more often than starches as whole grains have fiber and other
nutrients that many starches don’t. When you think about it, the plate method
is just one way to follow the general suggestions about a healthy diet. Setting up your plate this way usually increases
the amount of vegetables you eat, and limits the portion size of foods that are denser
in calories. Outside the plate, a small serving of fruit,
and one of dairy (like a small glass of skim milk or fat-free yogurt), are recommended
for people at a healthy weight. These are eliminated for folks who want to
lose weight. And that’s all there is to the Plate Method. It’s simply using your dinner plate to help
you serve up a healthy, well balanced meal. Thanks for joining us today!

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