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DIABETES: DIabético Pode Comer Angu ou Não?

October 28, 2019

Who has diabetes needs more than anything
take care of the food. Take care of what you eat to keep
controlled blood glucose, thus avoiding complications to health. There are often questions about what the
diabetic may or may not eat, and today we will answer if diabetic can eat angu. Before you start, subscribe to our channel
and enable notifications. Every cornmeal is a fine flour, be it of
corn, rice, cassava, etc. Cornmeal is made from its
Spikes. The result is a flour, widely used.
in our country, in the preparation of different dishes, including the angu. Cornmeal is a source of carbohydrates, highly
which will increase the glucose quickly. All carbohydrate will be turn into sugar,
so people who are dieting for Losing weight and diabetics need to be aware. Every 100 grams of cornmeal has approximately
79 grams of carbs, and the carbs present in cornmeal are simple, ie
are transformed into glucose quickly. For this reason, those with diabetes need
Avoid eating angu. Share on social networks. See you

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