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Dengue fever symptoms and treatment? (In Hindi) डेंगू बुखार के लक्षण और बचाव के उपाय? (PART-2)

November 14, 2019

People are talking about Dengue everywhere dengue is what all news channels are talking about Oh you? Great that you are here now. You know what we are going to talk about. Right? Today we’ll see that if someone is infected by Dengue then what is the treatment for this disease and people who are still safe from Dengue, how can they keep themselves from getting Dengue fever in this season. But before jumping in, have you seen the Part-1 of the video series on Dengue? It talks about how do we get Dengue and what are its symptoms. If you haven’t seen the video, click here and go watch it, quick! and the rest of us who have seen the Part-1 video let’s move forward with this video One more thing In the previous video, I had asked a question which a lot of people have answered correctly The question was Which of these statements are wrong about Dengue A. Dengue mosquito breeds in clean water B. Dengue mosquito bites only at night or C. Most dengue patients don’t need platelet transfusion The correct answer is … which a lot of people know already B. Dengue mosquito bites only at night This is completely untrue! In fact, dengue mosquito usually bites during the day Come let us also see the prevention and cure of Dengue. Very important to see this video, Dengue is everywhere! Dengue is a fresh topic every year and every year a lot of people get infected by Dengue but Dengue is rarely fatal and only about 1 to 5% of dengue patients die of the disease We don’t really have any medication available to fight dengue virus or prevent us from getting dengue And even if you do get dengue fever then your doctor, in most cases, won’t give you any medicines apart from say, Paracetamol to get your fever down Most patients are told to drink as much water as they can be it in the form of coconut water, juice, lemonade chaas or just plain water Consuming more water is what will give you most relief In dengue, the body loses a lot of water due to symptoms like fever, vomiting and diarrhoea And this is the reason why dengue patients are adviced to drink as much water as they can And dengue patients who are admitted to a hospital even there water intake is what is taken care of be it through drinking or through drips Dengue patients are also advised to rest and to eat light Food that is easy to digest like fruits and vegetables So like we’ve seen that dengue patients are advised to eat light, drink lots of water and take rest You must have heard about some home remedies too like papaya leaves, giloy, goat’s milk et cetera A lot of believe that these remedies work but science hasn’t been able to prove it yet And ascertain if recovery from dengue can be attributed to these home remedies or not since in most dengue patients recover themselves So we’ve discussed how to treat dengue but what if we haven’t been infected yet and want to stay away from it anyway then what can we do to prevent it Dengue mosquito lays egg in stagnant water after rain and thus even after the first rain of the season we should make sure that water isn’t collected in tires, bottles or vases or any container – big or small Don’t forget to replace the water in your water cooler Dengue mosquito usually bites during the day and hence try to wear clothes and shoes that keep you covered at night, you can use mosquito nets as well to keep mosquitoes at bay you can even use mosquito repellant sprays Is there any vaccine to prevent from dengue virus? A dengue vaccination does exist but has been distributed to only a few countries until now and it would take some time to reach India So in today’s video, we’ve talked about the treatment and prevention of dengue Dengue is very strange the problem starts in water and ends with water. What a thought! I hope you stay away from Dengue this season and hope you get wells soon, if you are already infected And if you liked this video then share it with your friends and family so they can stay safe in this dengue season and to see more videos like this please SUBSCRIBE

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    As they say "Prevention is Better than Cure" so through this informative video i am optimistic that many people would be able to prevent themselves from getting infected by the nemesis called "Dengue". These two parts on Dengue were amazing and i am certain with few more videos on the other dangerous diseases (including cause, prevention & cure) which people suffer on day to day basis we all can brand you with the tag of "Dr. Pramila" 😀 nonetheless jokes apart i am looking forward to see you explore newer depths in the field of health sciences in your future videos 🙂 Cheers.!!
    PS- Thanks for the answer to the quiz which you shared with us in the previous video.. as i know the answer now, so i will answer option B in the comment section 😀 😛

  • Reply Influencer series October 7, 2018 at 9:28 am

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    Plz make a video with this all topic like how universe is so mysterious….. Plzzzz

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