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DadVice: How to Cough and Sneeze Properly

November 10, 2019

Hey guys Daddy Tim here with Natasha back with some DADVice Now in this episode we’re gonna teach you how to sneeze and cough properly right Okay, so when you cough or sneeze do not just sneeze or cough like this Hey Natasha, can I borrow your homework? [cough] I’m sorry I’m coughing [cough] [sneeze] [cough] okay, do not do that also do not sneeze into your hand hands because what happens? if you sneeze on your hands and if you shake someone’s hand [cough] or if I cough on my hand [sneeze] hi nice to meet you is there something on your hand? no, it’s just snot eeeewww!!!! the next day you’re going to be like this I feel so sick so the way you should cough or sneeze is on your arm and we call this the vampire sneeze Do the vampire sneeze achoo! do the vampire cough [cough] [cough] It’s called the vampire cough and sneeze because when you sneeze You go like this and it’s like your cape like a vampire and you can also sneeze or cough on your arms because when you shake someone’s hand nobody will be like achoo! hi nice to meet you So you’ll never spread the germs yeah, alright this has been Daddy Tim with my daughter Natasha Thanks for watching and if you guys could please like the video because we really need some likes and subscribers Actually, we need subscribers more so subscribe to my channel and her channel Natahsa YT I’ll put the link below please click on the notification bell so you never miss a video Alright. Bye

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