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Crocodile Fever – Meet the Team | #TravFest19

November 10, 2019

I’m Lisa and I play Fianna Devlin in
Crocodile Fever I’m Lucianne and I play Alannah Devlin So the play is about two sisters Who haven’t seen each other in 11 years My name is Meghan Tyler and I’m the Writer of Crocodile Fever I’m Gareth Nicholls and I’m the director Crocodile Fever is an absurdist comedy
thriller about the hangovers of abuse And sisterly solidarity. It’s set in South Armagh in
the late 80s For me the play is about sisterhood and
about uprising and about stirring yourself up to sort of fight back It’s a hot night there’s a storm brewing it’s got that energy something’s about to
break I wrote Crocodile Fever because I had to it’s a play that sort of came out
of a place of rage and anger at looking at the world and looking at the
Me Too movement and looking at Northern Ireland And just this like absolute
internal rage made me write this play within three days When I first read the script I was
pretty bowled over by its ambition It’s kind of funny, immediately funny
and there’s very real and recognizable voices in there There’ll be lots of 80s-tastic references Unusual. It’ll be unique in the festival I think the audience is
gonna have a bit of a riot I’ve never seen a show like it. No I think it’s pretty dark and messy at the end In the best way possible

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