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Could Home-Grown Insulin Be on the Horizon?

October 8, 2019

I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health
news. Is an endless supply of free, home-brewed insulin for diabetes – a good idea? This home-brewed
insulin concept is among the latest to emerge from what’ being called the “biohacking” movement
– where people are looking to experiment with biology outside of major scientific institutions.
Indie.Bio co-founder Ryan Bethencourt provides seed funding for biotechnology start-ups.
His team wants to create an automated lab platform that would insert DNA into bacteria
to make insulin. But not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Dr. Marcus Hompesch, specializes
in diabetes, and says that manufacturing insulin is complex and you could end up manufacturing
something that is downright dangerous. But Bethencourt, whose team includes molecular
biologists and other scientists, disagrees, saying that they would use the same technology,
just try to make it cheaper.

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