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Cough Symptoms and Treatment

November 9, 2019

Cough Symptoms and Treatment what causes a cough children Coughlin the lining of the windpipe becomes irritated this often happens when a child is sick or when the body is fighting off and on this and making lots of mucus or phlegm coughing is normally a symptom of arrest year Tory infection but it may be caused by other SP are a Tory diseases like a Asmara coughing is an important reflex because it removes the extra mucus and let’s air flow more easily through the windpipe and into the lungs which helps the child to three of a child’s half is often worse when the child is lying in bed because the mucus can collect in the back of the throat children tend to swallow the mucus rather than spit it out as most adults do this can cause the child to have an OP set stomach were to vomit especially when there is a coughing fit the mucus can also appear in the child’s dual children who are coughing will often have other symptoms such as fever the nino’s or difficulty breathing take note of your child as other symptoms to help you figure out the cause of his illness types of coughs there are four distinct types of coughs dry cough that come off crew cough and whooping cough it is important to know what type of cough your child has and what it might mean dry cough and ride hacking cough is often caused by an infection of the upper SP are Tory tract nose and throat such as a cold or influenza this type of cough usually gets worse in a warm room or after the child has gone to bed that a dry cough may also be utterly sign of an infection of the lower SP are Tory tract as with bronchitis the inflammation of the smallest airways in the lungs than ammonia the inflammation of the lung tissue itself other causes include Asmara which first appears as a dry night time cough and exposure to cigarette smoke or other similar he returns have coughed group is a disease that causes a harsh barking dry cough that can sound similar to a seal barking children with croup have a swollen upper trachea or windpipe this is usually caused by a viral eye infection the swelling which is beneath the vocal cords causes the barking coughs that child with croup may make a high pitched sound notice trigger when breathing and what cough the wit cough is caused by fluid secretions and mucous found in the lower SP are Tory tract windpipe and lungs common causes of white coffin clued infections and asthma a the coughing removes fluid from the lower riskier Tory tract whooping cough also known as pertussis a child with whooping cough will have symptoms similar to an ordinary cold that gradually pick off becomes worse with severe fits of deep fast coughing the specially at night the frequent coughing fits are generally a series of 5 to 15 staccato coughs in rapid succession after coughing the child will breathe deeply sometimes making a whooping sound the rapid coughing can lead to breathing problems and the child can look somewhat blue because of the temporary shortage of oxygen complications of coughs a dangerous reason for coughing is that something is stuck in the child’s throat or windpipe if your child suddenly starts coughing and seems to have real trouble breathing or she starts grabbing her throat there is a small object or a piece of hard food stock in the windpipe in children older than one hair performed the Heimlich maneuver for otherwise call 911 or the Dr. immediately if your child is younger than one month old has an obvious breathing disorder that is not due to a blocked nose is having coughing spasms and passing out loss of consciousness has started to turn blue around the lips mouth and fingernails is coughing up blood is less active than normal is having a seizure if you are certain that your child is not joking check to see if other serious symptoms are present make an appointment with your Dr. Today if your child is vomiting or his chest pains has asthma or an allergic reaction as a sinus infection has had a fever of 100° F or higher for more than 72 hours is between the ages of 1 to 3 months and has been coughing for more than 72 hours has been suffering from increasing or persistent coughing for more than three weeks treatment for coughs if your child has a cough try the following treatments one give your child plenty to drink this will prevent the mucus from thickening hot liquids or soups will ease the soreness and irritation in the chest and can loosen mucus as well to let your child and he’ll humidified there a year that has moisture in it water vapor can the ease and reduce your child’s coughing this can be done in several ways using whole missed humidifier in your child’s bedroom run a warm shower in the bathroom with the door shut when the room is filled with seem sit in the bathroom with your child on your lap for approximately 10 minutes read or sing to him so that he will be relaxed king a damp towel in your child’s bedroom three if your child has a dry cough or Kruk off the him and he’ll cool air breathing in cool air will reduce the swelling in the rest your Tory tract which will then suppress the coughing you can do this in several ways open the window so that your child can inhale cool humid air take the child outside for a drive with the car windows open let the child inhale the vapor from an open refrigerator or freezer a child with a distinct Rykoff should avoid exercise older children often notice there cough gets worse during physical activity forgive over the counter cough medicines although they may not be that effective there are two types of cough medications expectorant cough medicines which help loosen mucus for a wet cough cough suppressant medicines which inhibit the cough reflex for a dry cough that affects sleep they should not be administered for a wet cough because the coffee is needed to expel the mucus and they should not be given to children younger than 12 months old five whooping cough scan be prevented by the depth vaccine for children and that that vaccine for adults who are often in contact with children even with the vaccination though it is possible for children to develop a mild case of the disease infants who have not been immunized are also susceptible to infection as our adults and adolescents with low immunity non vaccinated individuals can easily spread the infection to others

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