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Corn Silk Tea – Do Not Throw Away Corn Silk, It has With Many Health Benefits

October 8, 2019

we all know the about the benefits of
corn but how about the corn silk is it benefited or not the ins is yes although
it’s mainly used for herbal medicine however corn silk is extremely
nutritious the research suggests that it’s especially work for heart disease
and diabetes but it also have other benefits so have a look at some of the
health benefits of corn silk one kidney stones the nitrate compounds can be
flushing out from kidney which is one of the cause of kidney stone to blood sugar
if you suffering with high blood pressure corn silk can helps to reduce
blood sugar by increasing insulin levels in the body three vitamin C it’s
contained a huge amount of vitamin C it’s helps to prevent the damage of free
radicals and cardiovascular disease due to powerful antioxidant for bladder
infection bladder infection can be treated by corn silk because corn silk
has the power to kill some microbes that affect the bladder five improves
digestion pornos will increase your digestion and appetite by producing the
healthy digestive juice six heart diseases corn silk has the ability to
reduce certain types of heart disease besides it’s also confirming high
cholesterol 7 diabetes diabetes is the most common diseases it can be reduced
by regular consumption of corn silk tea it has more benefits than we mentioned
however these are the most common benefits of corn silk however you have
to take a tea of corn silk to get these benefits so here what you need
ingredients one teaspoon of dried corn silk one cup of water instructions put
the corn silk in the water and lay with it for a few minutes then strain the
water and drink it you can add teas of lemon juice if you want to you can
drink this tea throughout the day enjoy if you want more recipes and tips
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