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September 1, 2019

hi I’m Fabio De Rango and I’ve been a
pharmacist 1999 both my parents were diagnosed with
diabetes so it’s near and dear to my heart and I love when I can make a
difference in people’s lives most people when they think about
diabetes that think about high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia the reality is that people with diabetes
are also at risk of low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia and if we’re in a
hypoglycemic state our brain cannot function normally if it’s left untreated it can lead to
unconsciousness or even seizures we need to treat quite quickly with
simple sugar and that’s key because some people think they can have a cookie or
chocolate milk well although these items have sugar in
it they also have protein and fat which can slow the absorption of sugar so what
we’re looking for is 15 grams of simple sugar and we can find these sources in
glucose tablets different tablets will have different amounts will just
make sure you read the label first you can also have three packets of table
sugar or the three quarters of a cup of juice or non-diet soda the key here though is after about 15
minutes we need to read measure your blood sugar levels to make sure that the
treatment was effective once there before were not done yet
unfortunately still at risk of hypoglycemia so we need to supply our body with a
source of long-term energy so we’re looking for a snack or meal that
incorporates carbohydrates and protein the reason for this is we’re still at
risk of hypoglycemia if we don’t supplement our bodies with
some energy sources that will last longer than a simple sugar will

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