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Consume 3 Dates Daily And This 12 Things Happen To Your Body! | Natural Medication

September 12, 2019

if you consume three dates daily these
12 amazing thing happens to your body dates are a rich source of fiber and
they are needed for proper functioning of the digestive system including the
intestines please subscribe and watch this video until the end to know the
complete information their sugar content is a great alternative for the regular
sugar we use dates are tasty and they can suppress food cravings because of
their content of nutrients they act as natural multi vitamin pills and they are
great for both adults and children they can balance the cholesterol treat cancer
and other diseases and illnesses here are some of their health benefits one
they are a rich source of iron people who suffer from anemia should increase
the data and take as they are rich in iron 100 grains of dates have 0.90
grains of iron or 11% of the recommended daily intake the iron is part of the
hemoglobin in the red blood cells and it supports the Bloods oxygen balance teens
and pregnant women need larger quantities of iron too they are great
for the eye health they are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin and that is why
they are known as an IV diamond blue tea and and zeaxanthin play role in the
maintenance of macula and retina health and prevent macula spittle damage this
eye part is compromised by the aging process consume more dates if you want
to improve the vision 3 they stop diarrhea they are high in calcium which
makes them efficient for stopping diarrhea they can also speed up the gut
Flora’s regeneration regular consumption of dates is supporting the good
bacterias creation in the intestines for they stop constipation dates support the
body to eliminate the toxins and digest the food faster you should put few dates
in glass of water and leave them overnight to release the juice which is
laxative and help the intestine function about 100 grains of dates contain 8.5
grains of fiber 5 they aid delivery it was made an experiment that proved that
consuming dates one month before delivery can ease the pain and reduce
the intensity and amount of bleeding women who have consumed dates delivered
much easier than those who did not dates can help women and postpartum depression
period and help them to produce the needed milk amount for the baby 6 weight
balance dates contain nutrients that provide satiety and support the process
of weight loss if you take one date on an empty stomach it will control and
balance the intestine work and balance the levels of sugar 7 they are great for
the heart people with heart problems can eat dates on a daily basis soak few
dates in a glass of water overnight and in the morning blend them along with the
water consume it few times a day half a glass of Palma granite and three dates
per day is excellent for the hearts health 8 they reduce the high blood
pressure hypertension they contain a little sodium but a rich source of
calcium 5 to 6 States contain 80 milligrams of magnesium and it helps the
blood vessels proper spreading it was confirmed by a scientific research that
consuming 370 milligrams of magnesium a day can stabilize the blood pressure 9
they protect against strokes the main reason to eat dates according to many
nutritionists is because they can stabilize the nervous system because of
its large content of potassium it was confirmed by scientific studies that
larger amounts of potassium can lower the risk of Stokes for about 40 percent
10 they are great for the brain dates are high in phosphorus which is great
for the brain and that makes the dates helpful for those with intellectual jobs
11 they boost the energy dates are rich in sugar called sucrose fructose and
glucose combination of milk and dates helps you get the most of this sugar 12
they boost the libido place few dates in a bowl with goat milk and leave it
overnight the morning blend the dates and the milk
and add honey and cardamom and drink the mixture it can be taken by men and women
of all ages as it boosts the libido and gives energy

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