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Cold Spicy Platter Noodles (Jaengban-guksu: 쟁반국수)

November 8, 2019

(chopping) (upbeat music) – Hi everybody! I haven’t made spicy food for a while. Some of you guys are waiting for spicy dish? That’s it! Today I’m going to show you how to make spicy platter noodles Jaengban-guksu cold spicy noodles served on a platter. Some dishes are trend. Decades ago, I used to make jaengban-guksu all the time, especially
in the summer time, I used to make it because
my friends were making it, and all the time Korean media was talking about jaengban-guksu so I used to make it. But after that I forgot about this jaengban-guksu but jaengban-guksu is so delicious and very
cold and refreshing. Also, I add a lot of
vegetables and a spicy sauce and mix it together. That’s very good. So I thought “Okay this
time, I’m going to show you how to make jaengban-guksu.” So it’s going to very easy
and quickly you can make it. And also without using any sugar. My original recipe when I lived in Korea, and I made this jaengban-guksu for my family, I added sugar
all the time to make it a little sweet. I developed this recipe without using any sugar, using pear. This is an Asian pear, or Korean pear. I got this from the normal grocery store, near my house. These days Asian pears are
sold in America everywhere. They seem to know that an
Asian pears are delicious. Also this is kind
of a pear and also pear. Anjou pear, Bosc pear, any type of pear but it should be sweet and ripe. I’m going to make two servings. What we need is, I like to make a really
nice, spicy and sweet and a little salty sauce. So for this seasoning sauce base. We need a pear. I need a one cup of juice, this pear juice. Let’s peel. (chopping) And then put it in my food processor. This is ginger I already peeled. Just one or two teaspoons ginger. I’ll just slice this. Let’s add this here. This is kind
of a large size onion. I will use only a quarter. This amount. (blender grinding) This is my cotton cloth,
and then this an empty bowl. So I will put this in here. I pour this through the cutting cloth and squeeze it out so that
I can make some juice. I washed my hands. Now be ready to squeeze! (laughs) And this is a large cutting cloth, and just grab this together. And like this and squeeze. Squeeze like this. Until this pulp
gives up all the juice. You see, I’ll show you. Look at that. Here, like this. Look at that. Just only one tablespoon left over. This is one cup. Now this juice is very clear. Color is a little greenish, yellow. Really clear juice we made. Mmm. Sweet and also garlicky, a little gingery. So this is our base. I’m going to add hot pepper flakes and other seasonings. This is hot pepper flakes,
gochut-garu. Quarter cup, soaked in this cold juice. And two garlic cloves, minced. Garlic. I showed you so many
different seasoning sauces. But this sauce should be a little thinner so that you can drizzle and mix easily. Soy sauce, one tablespoon. Salt one teaspoon. Gochujang,
Korean hot pepper paste, about two or three tablespoons. A little sweet and salty, and spicy. We need some sour stuff. Two tablespoons vinegar. I’ll use white vinegar. You can use apple cider apple vinegar. So this is spicy, sweet and sour, a little salty. Mm smells good, nice. Isn’t it cool because we
didn’t add any sugar and the reason I made that
at the beginning is that Korean hot pepper flakes need time to soak in this delicious sauce, so
I’m going to set aside here. And then meanwhile, I’m
just boiling my water. I need to cook my noodles. This noodles Korean name is
maemil-makguksu it’s buckwheat, buckwheat noodles. Buckwheat noodles, color is
a kind of brownish color. And this is somyeon. white thin noodles. I used to use either one. So today, I feel like using this noodles. These are hard boiled eggs, two eggs. For two people, I need eight ounces. This is eight ounces. Use your tongs or wooden spoon. Stir this so that the
noodles are not going to stick to each other, and I’m
going to cover this, half. Just it takes around three minutes, when they’re boiling, and then
easily it’s boiling over. So you keep an eye on this,
on the corner of your eye. Like this (laughs). Tear this lettuce, like this. And just a little amount, like this. (chopping) Cut into matchsticks. And tomato. (chopping) And egg, cut into quarter, eight pieces. I just cooked the noodles, three minutes. So you can sample this,
and I’m just so busy so that’s why I’m using this
noodle with my bare hand. But you guys can use cold water, put it in this, use cold water. Taste a sample. Very good! It’s a little chewy,
but well cooked, okay? And then, let’s rinse in cold water. So rinse the noodles,
in cold water like this. And rub between your palms like this. Until not slippery. Very cold, cold and not slippery. The noodles. I’ll bring my platter. Just a couple of minutes in the freezer to make it really cold and, some noodles, spread this. This sauce is thicker than before but still, look at that, it’s flowing. And I will add eight ice cubes. And mix well to make it cold. And then fresh lettuce. I will add all this sauce like this. And then I will add cucumber, and tomato, sesame oil, sesame oil, one tablespoon, and sesame seeds, about one teaspoon. Egg. Jaengban-guksu! We made together! (laughs) So now, let’s mix all together and when you serve this,
with individual plates, you need this, and napkin and chopsticks, of course you need chopsticks. And also, I use these tongs. Mix. Oh my, look at this. So that’s why this noodle
sauce should be thin, so easily you can mix like this. Let’s eat. Okay. If you share this with three people, just bring three plates, three chopsticks. (laughs) Let’s eat. (slurping) Mmm! (slurping) Very long! Hmm, so refreshing. That kind of a seasoning
sauce is so special, and also last minute, I added eight ice cubes, makes this noodle so cold and sweet, sour, and cold cold noodles. And so yummy. And also a lot of vegetables. You guys can follow this recipe and make this for your family and friends. And share this such delicious noodles. But these noodles are
going to go soggy soon, so you gotta finish
eating right after making them. Just keep keep eating. (laughs) Today, we made jaengban-guksu, cold spicy platter noodles. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat music)

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