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CEO Nadav Kidron Discusses Oramed’s Oral Insulin Platform Technology

October 9, 2019

Oramed has a platform technology that
allows us to take injections and deliver them orally. The essence of the
formulation of Oramed is to protect the proteins. This is a platform that will
take any peptide or protein and can package it in a way into a capsule or a tablet that
will allow it to bypass the acid in the stomach and the proteases that will
destroy the proteins and then once it arrives at the right location intact,
will allow it to be delivered into the actual blood stream. We do not change the insulin, are using regular human
insulin and this is a big advantage. The technology itself can potentially take
many different types of injections and deliver them orally. Think about
something like a flu vaccine. If we can give the flu vaccine using Oramed’s
technology in an oral form then many people such as young kids or the older
population who have hard time getting to the clinic in order to get the shot or
have an issue with the shot itself by giving it orally we can reach a much
wider population that will be targeted to take it

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