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Can Teething Cause Fever in Babies?

November 14, 2019

Does Teething Cause Fever? The concept of teething has been around for a long time in our ancient history. Past generations had formed their knowledge about teething through experiences they had with their own babies and from stories that were shared from parent to parent. When it came to fever for infants, Ancient Hindus and Greeks thought that teething caused fever and illness in babies. Even the father of medicine, Hippocrates, was known to relate abnormal symptoms such as fever loose stools to teething. Infants suffered through many types of ailments, diseases, and infections during the toddler years and this was a normal part of life in this period. For us today, it may be crazy to relate symptoms such as fever, vomiting, rashes, diarrhea, or even death to teething. However, for past generations before the late 19t century, it was simply what they observed to be happening: Baby was teething and baby had fever. There was no understanding of germs and infection and how the immune system reacted to this. Survey statistics show that 75 percent of parents, 83 percent of nurses, and 64 percent of pediatric dentists still believe that teething and fever have a relationship with each other. It seems like we have to now educate and bring to the fore front that fever has no relationship to teething at the slightest bit. 3 different studies were done to see if fever had any relationship to teething. The first study tracked 111 children over 2000 days and recorded teething signs and symptoms and also the infant’s temperature. Researchers concluded that fever was not associated with teething. Study 2 tracked 46 babies and recorded symptoms and temperature. Again no association with fever and teething was found. Study 3 tracked 21 infants for 7 months at 3 different day care centers. Again, no relationship between fever, vomiting, or diarrhea was associated with teething. So if teething doesn’t actually cause a fever then what is going on with my baby? ? It is 99% of the time due to some kind of infection or stress response because of the gum inflammation that is happening. Normal body temperatures is about 98 degrees to 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit, but most infants can tolerate temperatures up to 102 with just a small amount of discomfort. Infections can happen easily in growing toddlers because their immune systems have not developed enough to be able to fend of germs and viruses at a consistent rate. Body temperature is one of the ways our bodies help to fight bacteria because it is much more optimal at getting rid of an infection and since a growing baby body is still new and therefore not as finely tuned as an adult body, it can trigger a high fever even when not necessary, which can alarm some parents. Waiting 3-4 days for a fever to pass due to a cold is okay, but if an infection persists longer it is okay to go see your pediatrician to take a look. So does teething cause fever or vomiting in infants? No it does not and you do not have to worry that the teething process is giving your baby abnormal teething symptoms such as a fever. Look for other signs that your baby may be showing of an infection or cold and treat the cold if absolutely necessary and not the teething. To ease teething symptoms safely and in a fun way, check out the collection of teething relief choices such as toys and necklaces from Kute Keiki.

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    this is wrong. teething does in fact cause fever but not higher than 101

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    My son's temperature did rise during teething. This is wrong information people.

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    They are splitting hairs I dint understand. We all know when sin babies air teething they have s fever they don’t know why so they keep giving us mixed information.

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