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Brown sugar beverages are hottest new fad on coffee shop scene in S. Korea

October 6, 2019

time now for our life an info segment
where we focus on information useful for your everyday life whether you’re in
Korea or somewhere else around the world now it’s fair to say that we all crave
something sweet from time to time and the sugar rush seems to have hit new
heights with the craze over brown sugar or black sugar beverages here in South
Korea now as delicious as they may be I’m yet to try myself it is raising
concerns that people in South Korea are consuming too much sugar we have our Oh
Sooyoung in the studio to take a look at this trend and to uncover some of the
rather unsweetened truths about these particular drinks that are taking South
Korea by storm thanks for joining us this morning Sooyoung so we’ve seen a
surge in these brown sugar and black sugar themed menus in coffee shops now
they’ve spread out they’re available in most cafes and we’ll even starting to
see them pop up in convenience stores as well that’s right black sugar or brown
sugar as some call it has definitely been the flavor of the season and the
original brown sugar tea is set of originated from a Taiwanese bubble tea
franchise which launched which opened its doors in Seoul earlier this year and
since then the rest has been history forget mocha frappuccinos or even called
brew coffee from especially based drinks to bubble tea and ice cream brown or
black sugar is well the new black this has spilled over to confectionary
as well as you said you can see black sugar flavored popcorn cake flavored
milk and all sorts of snacks and convenience stores now yeah there’s one
of those Taiwanese black black or brown sugar tea shops in my neighborhood
there’s always a huge line of people outside I think that’s the most popular
one here but it just makes you wonder really since the name suggests that it
has a lot of sugar in them how many how much sugar are we talking about in each
of these drinks well it really depends on which cafe you go to or who’s making
it really so I did was compiled a list of some black or brown sugar
she beverages are available in the most popular cafes and as you can see her
they vary from 36 grams to nearly 60 grams of sugar in a cup of beverage and
that would be around 400 – 400 480 milliliters and these are usually iced
of course so in terms of teaspoons that would be about 17 to 15 teaspoons of
sugar well it’s quoting is quite incredible
really 15 6 to 12 teaspoons of sugar in one of these drinks but for the average
adult based on an daily intake of 2,000 calories what would that amount to in
terms of sugar then well for the average adult that would be about 50 grams that
amounts to about 200 calories or 12 teaspoons of sugar but the w-h-o
actually says we should aim for 5% of daily calorie intake so that would be
about 6 teaspoons a day well so doesn’t that mean that most of these sweetened
beverages even just one a day would put us over that limit yes you’re right and
to give you an example why don’t you pick a drink if you had the choice
between maybe orange juice or a mocha frappuccino or maybe an of coke okay a
can of coke okay for a can of coke Ewers have nine teaspoons of sugar right so
there’s more sugar in one of these brown sugar beverages than there is in a can
of coke yes definitely because while they obviously come in larger cups and
also you know some franchises put in up to 20 teaspoons of sugar I won’t say
which one that they do today yeah you should definitely look out for it as you
can see most of our favorite beverages like soda a glass of orange juice in the
morning even and also fits-him in water which sounds incredibly healthy but it’s
not they all put us over the wh o–‘s recommendation even vitamin water yes
even vitamin ones at all vitamins as the Americans say it so that’s why this
recent sugar rush has a lot of health experts worried because obviously sugar
isn’t you know if you take it excessively then it’s not very healthy
for you according to health authorities those
who consume more than the recommended intake have a around 40% higher chance
of developing conditions like diabetes high blood pressure and fat around your
middle when we chew and digest carbohydrates they are broken down and
absorbed slowly as glucose our body’s main source of energy but sugar and
brown sugar which is very trendy right now is absorbed quickly without the
digestive process as they’re made up of monosaccharides and disaccharides so
they can raise blood sugar levels very quickly and spark various addiction
symptoms or ill effects sugar is also low in nutrients but high in calories
really is terrible for your health there’s no way around it unfortunately
it’s a shame it just tastes so good to all of us but is there any other
alternative out there like syrups or artificial sweeteners are they any
better for our health if you want to switch to them instead of sugar well
these days a lot of people mistakenly think that maple syrup or honey could be
good substitutes but obviously if you take them in the excessive doses then
obviously that’s also bad for you because they contain sugar as well yeah
and as for artificial sweeteners like sigh little for instance health experts
say that’s they do give you maybe the same level of sweetness as sugar for a
very small amount but if again if you take it excessively then it can have
some harmful effects syrup and sugar are similar in that they both raise blood
sugar levels quickly so in that respect it doesn’t make a big difference which
you consume as for sugar substitutes like xylitol it is 300 times sweeter as
sugar for a much smaller amount which means lower calories it’s absorbed
slowly too however it can cause diarrhea or abdominal bloating there should also
be taken in moderation well they do say sugar is addictive and
you know as much as as as much as it is rather addictive we really need to stop
ourselves from over indulging I think that’s the only solution really yeah
save your sweet treats for special occasions I think that’s the best advice
for everyone seon thanks very much for joining us my

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