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Blood Pressure Was Lower in Patients Who Visited Doctor More

September 11, 2019

High blood pressure is about as common today
as it was a decade ago, a new study finds. But patients with high blood pressure who
visited their doctor more often and kept their high cholesterol in check were more likely
to have lower blood pressure. I’m Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A recent large study found that people with
high blood pressure who saw their doctor at least twice a year were 3 point 2 times more
likely to keep their blood pressure lower than people who saw their doctor less often.
Patients with health insurance and those being treated for high cholesterol were also more
likely to have their blood pressure under control. High blood pressure can lead to life-threatening
conditions like stroke or heart disease. According to the American Heart Association,
an ideal blood pressure reading is 120 over 80, so talk to your doctor if you’re concerned
about your numbers.

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