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Balancing Blood Sugars with Protein Snacks

August 27, 2019

One of the main things that I’d like to
talk about is balancing the blood sugars; whether you’re in a place of stress where you’re releasing cortisol and your
blood sugars are fluctuating and you’re having that craving that you
have to eat right away and that shakiness or whether you’re having insulin
resistance or whether it’s in the stage of type 2 diabetes. When we are
in stress we release a lot of cortisol and the body is requiring sugar so what happens is the liver can release
a lot of sugar and insulin can be released also, and a lot of times
when we’re in stress we’ll eat refined carbohydrates so what happens is the
glucose goes up and thus it makes the insulin go up and then it can drop–the
glucose–if the glucose is still getting in the cell somewhat, and you can have
something called hypoglycemia. The symptoms are you feel shaky and kind
of weak– That’s hypoglycemia, and that’s when your blood sugar can go down real low. So a lot of times the sugars can be
fluctuating in a situation of stress caused by the cortisol. We can easily
learn how to balance our blood sugars and prevent the spikes–the highs and the
lows–by introducing protein snacks in between meals. Protein snacks such as smoked salmon,
nuts, eggs, turkey jerky–these are all great protein snacks that will level out
the blood sugar you’ll feel so much better with them. Easy way to empower yourself to balance
your blood sugars on your own, and you can get more information at DrMarcantel . com

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