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ADA Type 1 Diabetes Position Statement Changes A1C Recommendations for Pediatric Patients

August 26, 2019

on june sixteenth American Diabetes
Association released a new position statement on the care of persons with type 1 diabetes across the
entire life span from early childhood through the
geriatric age range this new position statement arose from
the type 1 diabetes sourcebook which was produced by the American
Diabetes Association and the JDRF. I was a part of the writing group for the type 1
diabetes position statement in addition more than half a dozen
authors from the Joslin Diabetes Center
contributed to this type 1 diabetes position statement we had the opportunity to revisit the
glycemic control targets for the pediatric population. The
American Diabetes Association previously had age-specific
a A1C targets for example under the age of six the
target was less than 8.5 percent between the ages of 6 and 12 the target was
under 8 percent and for patients ages 13 to 19 the
target A1c was less than 7.5 percent these A1c targets were based on previous
era in which there were many concerns for
hyperglycemia among very young pediatric patients. Fast
forward in a new era of intensive insulin therapy we realize
that there is an opportunity to have improved glycemic control across the
entire age range of the pediatric population. The American Diabetes Association now has a single A1c target of less than 7.5 percent across the entire
pediatric age range from infancy up to the age of under 18
years in addition this new pediatric A1c
target of less than 7.5 percent is now harmonized with many other national
and international diabetes organizations which also advocated an A1c target less than 7.5 percent we’re excited that this is one step in
unifying approach the care patients with type 1 diabetes

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