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6 Best Secrets To Reverse Insulin Resistance Naturally & Change Your Life

October 12, 2019

How to reverse insulin resistance. Is
that even something that can be done? A lot of conditions traditionally are
viewed as irreversible oftentimes when people get a diagnosis of diabetes then
they hear that oh you’re gonna take this medication and you’re gonna take it for
the rest of your life and it’s probably gonna get worse and the same thing with
blood pressure and and many other things that are considered chronic but I think
the problem is that most doctors don’t understand the mechanism properly and
they also assume that people are incapable or unwilling to do the
necessary changes to reverse the condition what they are forgetting is
that the body is not stupid it is not random the body is very very intelligent
and if something gets out of balance it’s because we are pushing the body out
of balance we have introduced something we have done something to create that
imbalance and the body is just doing what it’s supposed to so if we change
some things to undo what we did to create the imbalance the body will
follow suit and the body will establish balance and the body will heal but that
is almost an unknown concept because once you go and you get your medication
that you’re often told that you’ll be on it forever
but by the time you finish watching this video you will understand enough that
you know more than most doctors about insulin resistance and you will know
that it can be helped and you know how to do it coming right up I’m doctor Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you want to truly master health by
understanding how the body really works make sure that you subscribe and hit
that notification bell so that you don’t miss anything it can be a little
discouraging to try to research how to get healthy on the internet because 99%
of the information is about disease it’s about how to treat disease how to treat
symptoms what conditions are called there’s very little information on how
to actually get healthy to understand the mechanisms and to understand how to
improve them so when I typed in insulin resistance the first thing that pops up
is that it says resistance to the hormone insulin resulting in increasing
blood sugar and on the surface that statement looks reasonable but it’s
backwards because it’s assuming it says resistance to the hormone insulin who is
resisting well it’s the cells of the body and now we’re assuming that those
cells are stupid and they’re just not doing what they’re supposed to and
because they’re being resistant that’s why the blood sugar increases that’s
backwards it’s the constant high blood sugar that results in the cells becoming
resistant but if we don’t realize that then we’re always going to treat the end
result as the problem next statement is that treatment can help but insulin
resistance can’t be cured then they say it’s a chronic condition it’s a lifelong
condition in other words take your pill and don’t ever stop and finally they
throw in their clever two cents at the end weight loss and exercise can help
reduce insulin resistance so let’s talk about this but we’re going to come back
to this but first we’re going to give you a different picture a different
analogy of how this really were when we eat something it is absorbed in
the bloodstream that’s the purpose we eat something it is broken down absorbed
in the blood and then the fat the protein and the carbohydrates are
absorbed into the bloodstream for fuel and building blocks carbohydrates create
the strongest insulin response because they’ve raised blood sugar the most when
blood sugar goes up insulin comes in insulin is released to assist to guide
the blood sugar in out of the bloodstream and into the cell that’s the
purpose of insulin when we eat protein it creates a mild to moderate insulin
response and when we eat fat then it creates almost zero insulin response in
itself so even though all food creates an insulin response we’re gonna focus on
carbs because they create a many times stronger insulin response we eat some
carbohydrates and they create blood sugar so we’re gonna represent the whole
vascular system the whole volume of blood with this container think of it as
a jug and it can only hold so much and in the case of blood sugar even though
the blood volume is relatively high it can only hold about one teaspoon at a
time the excess needs to get into the cells as quickly as possible and that’s
where insulin comes in then the cells receive the blood sugar and if the cell
uses what it needs to out of that glucose out of that sugar it converts
the rest into glycogen and then fat so again think of these as containers and
the cells can hold a whole lot more than the blood the blood can only hold like I
said a teaspoon which is 20 calories the cells can hold about 1,500 calories of
glycogen and they can hold hundreds of thousands of calories of
but that’s the sequence of things if we eat a lot of carbs and we fill up
the blood sugar and then the blood sugar spills over and think of these as hoses
so here’s a little pipeline coming from the blood sugar and it’s dumping the
sugar into the cell by the time this container is full then it has to start
converting the sugar to glycogen and the sugar into fat and then the fat
eventually starts spilling over and gets stored so this starts often in the liver
and then by the time those cells are full and it’s called fatty liver then
they start spilling out words and that’s where they spill into the surrounding
tissue and you get this belly fat you get a large belly you get most of your
weight on the midsection that’s a result of this process now yeah not everyone
who has insulin resistance gains weight but for the most part people do so when
they say that the cell is resistant to the hormone insulin that’s like blaming
the container for being full we we have this mountain of carbs and we’re
creating these pipelines and we’re filling up the cells and the the jug can
only hold a gallon but we’re trying to get two gallons in there and we’re
blaming the container because it becomes resistant it starts saying hey I’m full
I don’t want anymore I can’t hold anymore and that’s why the blood sugar
increase is because it has no place to go but when we look at this it sounds
like the problem is the cell resisting insulin and that results in the
increasing blood sugar when it’s the other way around
it’s the excess of carbs that were dumping into the blood sugar that is
filling up the container the container can only do so much when it’s full its
full all right so let’s look at the next
statement treatment can help what does that mean
what is treatment so first of all they got the picture backwards they think the
blood sugar is the problem rather than the cells or the carbs so treatment
consists only exclusively of trying to lower the blood sugar so now they can do
that with metformin they can do it with different drugs to make the cell more
insulin sensitive to tell the cell hey stop resisting
so we’re tricking the cell into accepting more but it doesn’t solve the
problem because the cell is still full so all we’re doing is with treatment
that’s like adding more hoses adding more pipelines adding some some
pressurized hoses so we can force more stuff into that cell it’s already
bloating it’s already bursting at the seams but we got if we think the blood
sugar is the problem then we’re just going to keep trying to empty the blood
sugar container into the cells whatever it takes just force it more and more and
more and eventually when we’ve asked the body to make so much insulin that we
reach a point where the pancreas can’t keep up now we start injecting insulin
which again is just making adding more hoses more pipeline pushing more and
more stuff into that poor cell that’s already full the jug is full it’s been
overflowing for years and all we can think to do is to push more stuff into
that cell and that’s what treatment consists of so treatment when they say
treatment can help what they mean is that we can do things to lower the blood
sugar we can pump enough insulin or enough medication to lower that blood
sugar paying no attention to what’s going on over here paying no attention
to the fact that now as a result we raise the blood
we increase the abdominal obesity we create cardiovascular disease we raise
triglycerides we create metabolic syndrome as a result of forcing the
blood sugar into the cell never for once thinking that maybe we shouldn’t put so
many carbs into the blood sugar and if we understand them what the treatment is
and what they consider help is then of course insulin resistance can’t be cured
because we’re ignoring the source of the problem and the end result of the
problem we’re just looking at the intermediary and defining that as the
problem and of course if we ignore the cause then it’s going to be a chronic
and lifelong condition and I don’t know if I’m gonna laugh or cry
every time I see this last statement weight loss and exercise can help reduce
insulin resistance that yes exercise is a good thing do it do it a lot the
exercising muscle is less insulin resistant so it is one small component
but exercise in itself has virtually no effect unless you start reversing the
abuse of the system the chronic loading overloading of the system but when they
say things like weight loss can help reduce insulin resistance they’re
falling into the trap of thinking that weight causes the problems weight is the
result of the problem so it’s like it’s not very helpful it’s like telling
someone if you want a long life then don’t die if you want to live a really
really long time you should consider avoiding death if
you avoid dying then you live longer see it’s it’s a circular reasoning that’s so
obvious it’s ridiculous but so often we hear that oh if you just
lose some weight what they’re telling you there is that if you would only have
some character if you would only eat less calories you would lose weight and
they’re forgetting the bigger picture they don’t understand that there’s a
reason the body is holding on to the weight called insulin resistance there
is a reason that you get hungry called insulin resistance there’s a reason that
your body prefers to store away the fat in the cells rather than using them for
fuel called insulin resistance so again they get it totally totally backwards
and we need to start understanding that this is an overloading problem it is not
a blood sugar problem and what are we overloading we’re overloading the things
that stimulate insulin so if you understand this model then you can see
how every one of these statements is backwards and ignorant and ignorant not
meaning stupid just uninformed they’ve got the wrong paradigm they’ve got the
wrong picture and I never really understood how horrendous the official
guidelines are I’ve always quoted these numbers I’ve read through a glance that
the USDA the recommended guidelines for food and I’ve quoted these numbers that
all on a 2,000 calorie diet you should eat they claim that you should eat 300
grams of carbs which is 60 percent of your caloric intake from carbs and if
you look at any food label if you look at the very bottom when they recommend
this much fat and this much carbs etc it says 300 grams of carbs on a 2,000
calorie diet and that’s an unbelievably high number but it doesn’t even tell the
truth about how bad that is so number one they recommend 60% carbs but then
I studied the official guidelines a little closer and in there it also
speaks about two cups of fruit per day because everyone knows how good have to
eat fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables yes
plant food is good to a point but they say two cups of fruit and it should be
fresh frozen canned or juiced or dried so if you take a combination of all
those and you have two cups of fruit that’s about 75 grams of sugar per day
just from the fruit and yes it’s a little more natural than the table sugar
but it’s still sugar and half of that is still fructose and half of that is still
going to Jam those cells in the liver and create a fatty liver if you’re not
insulin resistant if you never had processed foods then yes you could
probably eat some fruit I think you should eat fresh fruit I don’t think you
should eat 2 cups every day but you could definitely have some fruit but by
the time you have insulin resistance and you eat fruit with a total of 75 grams
of sugar per day that’s the death sentence to that liver it is not going
to recover on that load then they tell you to eat 3 cups of dairy per day and
of course nonfat dairy and not the fat is the only thing that would slow down
the insulin response a little bit but now that we have nonfat fat-free dairy
now there’s only protein and sugar which stimulate insulin if we had the whole
fat dairy or if we had cream or half-and-half or sour cream then the fat
would slow down the sugar absorption a bit and it would actually be a better
food so 3 cups of dairy it’s about 40 grams of milk sugar so we don’t get the
fructose in there but it’s still gonna have sugar to spike the blood sugar and
then they say that old table sugar sugar that’s not a good thing so you
want to eat less than 10% of your total caloric intake from sugar added sugar so
10% is 200 calories or 50 grams of sugar so if you add that up that’s a hundred
and sixty-five grams of sugar per day and you have not eaten any candy bars or
any ice cream or any soda astonishing numbers it completely blew my mind when
I looked closer at those numbers and no wonder we’re in the shape that we’re in
so if you understand this model that it’s not a blood sugar problem
it’s an overloading problem it’s pressurizing it’s just pushing more and
more stuff into the cells and that when we push with primarily carbs then we
trigger insulin and insulin is the storage it’s the pushing hormone then it
becomes pretty obvious that all we have to do is do the opposite of this those
cells would start burning off all that stored fuel if they got a chance if we
stopped doing the things that trigger insulin we would give that cell a chance
to stop overflowing so the first thing you want to do is to cut out sugar and
why because sugar is 50% glucose 50% fructose the glucose increases blood
sugar stimulates insulin the fructose jams up the liver and remember this
represents all the body cells but primarily the liver because it’s the
metabolic factory and it’s the first place that gets all the food and it’s
the only place that can process the fructose which is 50% of all that sugar
so cut sugar then you want to reduce your carbs and so often we hear oh
donate sugar but eat complex carbs eat bread and pasta and rice
well they don’t under and when they say that that there is no
difference in the blood sugar response there’s like that much difference
because the complex carbs the starches they’re just like long strings of sugar
molecules and it takes the body minutes not hours it takes minutes for the body
to start breaking up those chains and turning that complex carb turning that
complex chain into individual sugars so complex carbs are an average about 10 15
minutes away from becoming sugar and that’s why the rice and the bread and
the potatoes have about the same impact on blood sugar as pure table sugar so
complex carbs they’re a fallacy if you think that they’re gonna help reduce
this this problem the next thing you want to do is to eat
fewer meals so if you do this six times a day if you’re eating food a trigger
insulin you raise your blood sugar you’re filling up the pipeline you’re
pushing stuff into the cell if you do that six times a day every couple of
hours while you’re awake you’re not giving that cell a chance to undo the
overloading insulin is pushing it in and it needs time to start burning through
some of those reserves some of those stores they’re there the fuel is packed
everywhere but they never get a chance to burn anything off because there’s
always more coming in and that’s what happens when you eat three meals a day
with snacks and and you have little bites of things along your day so you
want to eat fewer meals and another word for that is intermittent fasting so it
suggests if you eat three meals with snacks then start cutting the sugar
start cutting the carbs and then as you ink
your protein in fat you won’t be so hungry and you can eliminate those
snacks then as you go this take this a little bit further you’ll find that you
probably won’t be so hungry even for three meals three meals will seem like a
lot and whichever meal you don’t feel like eating just skip it for most people
that is breakfast and but whatever works for you just give it a try and then you
eat probably twice a day and then you start putting those two meals closer
together so first you might eat at noon and at 8:00 in the evening so then you
have eight hours between the meals and that means you’re fasting for sixteen
hours between dinner and lunch then you because you can push that a few hours
and if you now have the dinner you push it back to six o’clock you have a six
hour feeding window and an 18 hour fasting window so the longer you go
between meals the more you give those cells a chance to start using up some of
that stored fuel number four exercise exercise is a good thing it increases
the cell’s opportunity to burn through some of the fuel but it also increases
the insulin sensitivity of the muscles the working muscle does not require any
or nearly as much insulin to get the glucose into the cell because the
working muscle is kind of sucking the glucose out of the bloodstream so
exercise is a good thing I’ve done some videos on that so you can look into more
detail number five you want to de-stress so many people today are stressed and
what happens with stress is you’re in a fight flight situation and the body is
going to do everything it can to raise blood sugar to give you enough fuel to
handle the fight and when blood sugar goes up so does insulin so stress and
cortisol actually increases insulin resistance directly
do some meditation do some breathing exercises whatever it takes get some
exercise chill out whatever it takes this might seem a bit harsh but do the
opposite of the recommended guidelines whatever the USDA and the Mayo Clinic
and all those people say pretty much do the opposite because in their guidelines
they tell you to eat 165 grams of sugar every day and that is not gonna get you
healthy that is not going to reduce your insulin resistance there is no amount of
exercise that is going to create a permanent solution this is kind of what
they tried with The Biggest Loser and the vast majority of those people any
any one of those people who can’t keep working out six seven hours a day gained
all the weight back because they crash their metabolism they didn’t reduce
their insulin resistance they lowered their basal metabolic rate and they lost
the weight as long as they could put the system put their body into an emergency
of just exercising all day long and starving it everything works for a while
but if you can’t maintain it and if you can’t help that cell become less insulin
resistant then the intervention is temporary so insulin resistance is
reversible once you’ve been severely insulin resistant you’ll probably have a
tendency to go in that direction for the rest of your life but it doesn’t mean
that you have to be insulin resistant it just means you can probably never pig
out completely like some people can but then that doesn’t mean those people are
healthy either because thin people get lupus and arthritis and diabetes and
heart disease too so we have to not look at the weight or any of the symptoms we
have to look at what is health what does the body require to be healthy if you’re
new to the channel and you enjoy this sort of content make sure that you
subscribe and hit that notification bell and please share this information
because so many people out there need this the vast majority of the Western
world is insulin resistant and they still think it’s a blood sugar problem
they think they still the solution is to jam more stuff into the cells instead of
less and helping the body burn through some of that thanks for watching

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