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5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

September 11, 2019

sugar is everywhere and if you’re trying
to be healthy and cut back on your sugar intake it can be quite tricky
not only is there sugar in a lot of foods that we normally consume in a day
but there’s added sugars and natural sugars you need to watch out for on top
of that today here at bestie we’re gonna take a look at some natural sugars that
are actually good for you you know what else would be sweet if you
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first of all too much sugar can put you on the fast track to cardiovascular
disease not to mention added sugar to your diet
could increase your risk of developing diabetes high blood pressure
inflammation and weight gain not to worry though we have just the thing for
those of you with a sweet tooth here are some natural sugars that can
actually be good for your health raw honey we’ll start with one that’s not
really classified as good for you but rather it’s not as bad as regular old
table sugar the sugars found in honey have a small amount of nutrients in them
but really you should limit yourself to about one to two teaspoons a day when
you’re looking for the healthy kind of honey you want raw unpasteurized and
unfiltered honey as it does contain antioxidants minerals and vitamins E and
C there are also some great prebiotics in raw honey that can help out your gut
flora this type of honey also contains polyphenols which can potentially have
the power to fight off cancer and keep your heart in great shape bees make
honey from collecting pollen when you get real raw honey there is likely still
to be traces of pollen left over even if pollen might make you sneeze
uncontrollably it’s also been said to help boost the immune system
maple syrup a Canadian staple maple syrup comes in many different colors and
grades one thing is for sure we’re not talking
about Aunt Jemima maple syrup here for you to get any health benefits at all
you need to pay close attention to the labels and make sure you’re getting 100%
organic pure maple syrup basically the stuff with pieces of bark still in it
don’t worry there won’t be any bark in this kind of maple syrup but you get the
idea the darker the syrup the stronger the maple flavor basically the
categories go as follows golden amber dark and very dark if you stick to the
pure stuff you’ll get some minerals and antioxidants along with a blast of
sweetness one third of a cup of this delicious tree sap can give you the
following daily recommended percentages 7% of your calcium intake 6% of
potassium 7% of your iron 28% zinc and a hundred and sixty five percent of
manganese keep in mind you should limit your intake of the sticky sweet stuff
and it’s not exactly healthy but it is a better alternative than refined sugar
what’s our favorite motto again alright everything in moderation molasses as we
head down this list these alternatives for sugar get better and better we’re
getting towards the ones that can actually provide a decent amount of
health benefits which brings us to our next substitute molasses molasses is a
super thick almost black syrup like liquid it’s made from sugar cane or
sugar beets that have been crushed into juice this juice is extracted and then
boiled down as the juice is boiled the sugar crystals are repeatedly removed
from the syrup and after this process has been done a certain number of times
you end up with what is known as molasses depending on how many times you
boil the liquid will determine what kind of molasses you end up with ranging from
light which is created after the first boiling dark after the second and will
be much thicker and darker in color Blackstrap after the third boiling which
will be the thickest and darkest of the bunch and is
slightly better this is the one we’re focusing on when it comes to a healthy
sugar alternative blackstrap molasses actually contains more antioxidants than
both the maple syrup and raw honey we just talked about it’s also got lots of
potassium and calcium which help your bones stay strong and contribute
positively to your heart health but remember the mantra when enjoying
molasses and keep it to a minimum stevia all right now we’re getting into
the sugars that could really truly be healthy for you you’ve probably heard of
stevia before as it’s especially popular as an alternative for folks with
diabetes stevia has been shown that it can help lower blood sugar levels with
those struggling with diabetes stevia comes from a plant called stevia
rebaudiana and is commonly found in South America it’s the leaves of this
plant that gives stevia its sweetness actually it’s super sweetness it is
believed that the leaves of this plant are hundreds of times sweeter than
regular refined sugar not only that but stevia has some great health benefits we
already mentioned that it can help lower blood sugar but it has the possibility
to help lower blood pressure in certain individuals but wait there’s more in
several studies stevia has proven effective in helping to improve insulin
sensitivity reduce bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol and can possibly help
reduce plaque in your arteries a common complaint when it comes to stevia
however is that despite all these great health benefits some people don’t like
the taste but honestly health food doesn’t always
taste great at first but you’ll eventually get used to it plus the
benefits kind of outweigh the alternative don’t they fruit ah yes you
can’t go wrong with the all-natural unprocessed no artificial colors or
flavors good old-fashioned fruit fruit is sweet
and it tastes good plus it’s something your body needs
you can add fruit to all kinds of meals including salad smoothies oatmeal and
more get creative blueberries in particular are some
of the healthiest fruits out there and are high in fiber vitamin C K and
manganese they’re also believed to be one of the best sources of antioxidants
when it comes to commonly eaten fruits also blueberries are brain food and can
help improve memory so don’t forget the blueberries again these kinds of sugar
substitutes aren’t necessarily good for you as your liver probably won’t be able
to tell the difference between these and regular refined sugar as long as you
consume very little amounts you should be good to go
everything in moderation right of course cutting sugar can be really tricky and
your body will probably need an adjustment period you’ll likely crave
sugar from time to time as you cut down on the sweet stuff but eventually your
body will thank you plus if you work your way down this
helpful list as you’re cutting sugar it might make it a bit easier to arrive at
the healthy you you’ve always wanted besides you’re sweet enough without all
those empty calories sugar gives you anyway are you trying to cut sugar
what’s your favorite sugar alternatives we would love to know your thoughts so
let us know in the comments section below
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  • Reply Eva Lu June 13, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    I L O V E Stevia.

  • Reply Shannon Blane June 13, 2019 at 8:22 pm

    Agave nectar is one of my favorite. I love it in my coffee.

  • Reply yasmien hussain osman Abbas June 13, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    Stevia , dates and banana are my favorites

  • Reply Nyles Andrews June 13, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    Often when I make my Dinners for natural Sweetness usually a combo of (Honey and Maple Syrup). + alittle of each of them goes a long way in Great Flavour.

  • Reply Melissa Horn June 14, 2019 at 12:21 am

    None of these “sugar alternatives”, including “natural sugars” are diabetic friendly, they are very high glycemic. Also, sugars will NOT cause diabetes, genetics is the root cause of diabetes.

  • Reply tony pucheta June 14, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Moderation kills people, better not sugar at all…😊😊

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