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3 Hormone BOOSTING Tricks That Release & Burn Stubborn Fat Cells

October 11, 2019

Hey hey, everybody. So inside today’s video, I’m
going to cover 3 easy ways people in their
40s, 50s, and 60s can increase the blood
sugar hormone glucagon to quickly metabolize fat cells
and to burn more stubborn fat. At the end of this
video, I also want to share a special free
PDF download with you. So pay close attention
to that because you can use this download to
increase your growth hormone levels 400% to 771%. But first, you are tuned
in to Get Lean in 12, the rapid fat-loss solution
for people over 40 years old. And let’s go ahead
and dive in and talk about these 3 simple
steps that you can take to optimize glucagon. Now, simply put,
glucagon is the hormone that is responsible for
releasing triglyceride from your fat cells into the
bloodstream, where they are then converted to fatty
acids and delivered to working muscles
to be burned off. Now, it’s a much more
complex process than that. I simplify it for you. But in other words, if
you can optimize glucagon, you can access more stored
stubborn fat as a fuel source. So step number one
is to avoid snacking. Now, this kind of goes against
the grain from everything that I was taught in my
25 years of doing this. I was raised and educated via
certifications and textbook education that snacking or
eating small frequent meals increases metabolic rate and
speeds up the weight loss process. We now know through science
and real-world application through things like intermittent
fasting that this is a myth. In fact, frequent
snacking can give you frequent insulin spikes. So if you have these
mini insulin spikes by snacking all day
long, you’re actually keeping your storage
hormone insulin elevated the entire day. Now, this makes it impossible
to release glucagon because glucagon and
insulin are antagonists. So the whole idea
here is to make sure that you avoid snacking. And space your meals
about 3 to 4 hours apart during your feeding window. This will allow insulin to
stabilize between meals, allowing the body to
release more glucagon. The second step is
strategic food combining. So there’s 1 food
combination that I recommend that you avoid if your
goal is to burn more belly fat. And that is carbs plus fats. So any time you eat a carb-heavy
meal and a bunch of fats, you have insulin
present because carbs spike insulin higher and faster
than other macronutrients. So fat is present in the
bloodstream at the same time this insulin spike takes place. That insulin being
released by the pancreas is going to store that fat. So this doesn’t mean
that some raw nut butter with a banana or an
apple is going to kill you. However, in general,
think about this, things like bread and butter,
1 of the worst combinations. So try to avoid the carbs
and fat combination. 1 of the easiest
ways to do this is to have a macro
rotation, especially if you’re exercising,
where you macro rotate. So you would have
protein plus fats. So if you have a protein
meal plus a liberal amount of friendly fats, you
want to avoid carbs in that meal and
then vice versa. If you have a protein plus
a starchy carbohydrate or a fruit, try to keep
fat intake a little lower. This will help also keep
insulin stable to keep the body in a fat-burning environment. Number 3 is strategic
meal timing. This is the most important one. So simply by using things
like intermittent fasting and using a 6- to 8-hour
feeding window along with a 16- to 18-hour fasting window
3 or 4 days of the week, you can coax your body to
release a lot more growth hormone, adrenaline, which
converts into hormones that help you burn more fat. And then also you keep
insulin very low and stable. Remember, this is a key to
allowing adequate levels of glucagon to be released. So there you have it, 3 easy
ways people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s can go ahead
and optimize glucagon. Now, somewhere
around this video, you’re going to see a
link to click or tap. You can download a free report. And speaking of
growth hormone here, this free report shows you
3 body weight movements that, when done in a
strategic sequence using the right intensity levels
and the right rest periods, can increase growth
hormone 400% to 771%. So go ahead and download
that free report. If you are new to this channel,
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if you have questions. Thanks for watching,
and God bless.

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