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2 Years Later, Type 1 Millie Shows How She Checks Blood Sugar

October 12, 2019

Hi, my name is Millie, I’m 5. I’m gonna test my own blood sugar. Here we go! Fist, let’s wipe it. Second– wait. Okay, now I get my pricker– Dry it, and then I get my pricker. And then I get this out, take it out, get one like this. Make sure there is not another one. Then I close it like this and I put it back. And then I put this in like this. There. And then I do this, and then– — Which finger was it?
— Middle finger. — Did that hurt?
— No. And then I get this, then I do that, and then I wipe it and then it’s all done. — And what’s the name of your pricker?
— Butterfly blue. — Butterfly blue, it’s a Genteel.
You like than one, don’t you? — Does it hurt?
— No. — You like that one a lot
more than your old prickers, huh? — Yeah.
— Yeah. Good job, you’re doing a really good job.
You’re getting better and better. — Say bye.
— Bye!

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