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15 Nuts On Keto. You Can Go Nuts For Keto With These Awesome Keto Snacks! ๐ŸŒฐ ๐Ÿฅœ ๐Ÿฅฅ

September 10, 2019

nuts on keto what are some of the best
nuts for a ketogenic diet and what are some of the worst ones that you want to
avoid today we’re going to cover 15 of the most popular nuts in the world and
of course we’re going to talk about some important aspects that you don’t usually
hear about coming right up hey I’m dr. Ekberg I’m a holistic doctor
and a former Olympic decathlete and if you like to truly master health by
understanding how the body really works make sure you subscribe and hit that
notification bell so that you don’t miss anything on a ketogenic diet of course
you are looking to reduce carbs and nuts are generally pretty low in carbs but
there are some exceptions I’m gonna recommend these nuts based on how many
net carbs they have how much fat they have what’s their level of omega sixes
and what is the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio and we’ll talk about what that is and
why it matters number 15 on the list is betel nuts and even though a lot of
people probably haven’t heard of them they’re very common they are number
seven on the most produced nuts in the world over a million tons and they’re
chewed as a psychoactive drug in many cultures so the reason I have them at
the bottom of the list is because we’re talking about Kido
and they have 61% net carbs so all of these numbers are in grams per hundred
so it’s percent net carbs they only have nine percent fat and they also have I
could not find any of the numbers for Omega 6s so besides not being a huge fan
of psychoactive drugs it is basically as starchy as bread so we definitely want
to avoid that one number 14 on the list is chestnuts and I don’t think I’ve ever
had a chestnut I only know of them in Christmas songs but they are the sixth
most produced nut in the world I don’t think it’s a great idea because it has
48 percent net carbs and it’s extremely low in fat so again in keto we’re
looking for low carbs and high fat number 13 : Utz used to be an ingredient
in coca-cola it is on the top 10 list of the most produced nuts but I don’t think
I’ve ever had one and it has 21% net carbs and very very low in fat so I
included these on the list because they are on the top 10 most produced nuts in
the world but again for a ketogenic diet we I don’t recommend them so let’s just
leave those for now and I also like to make a short disclaimer because I know
that I’ll get about 50 comments or so explaining that some of these mentions
are not actually nuts that some are droops or legumes and so forth so yes
I’m well very well aware that as a matter of fact out of these 50 nuts
there will only be three true nuts which in a botanical sense means that they’re
dry hard shelled uncommented fruit that do not split on maturity to release
seeds and I won’t bore you with all these definitions but actually eight out
of these 15 will be droops many of them you think of as nuts and one will be a
gymnosperm a not like gymnosperm seed and three of them will be not like
angiosperms seeds so that’s the botanical disclaimer we’re just gonna
talk about them as nuts because that’s how people refer to them in general
language number 12 on the list is a disappointment for a lot of people it is
a favorite for many its cashew nuts I mean how can you not like cashews but
they are very high they’re almost 30 percent twenty-nine percent net
carbohydrate they do have a good amount of fat 44 percent fat and they have 8
grams of Omega 6s and I’ll come back and talk more about
but the cashews we can’t really recommend because it is quite high in
carbohydrate almost a third of it is is starch number 11 pistachios 17% carbs
again quite high for a ketogenic diet and again a big disappointment because
two of my absolute favorite nuts I mean they’re so sweet and so nice in your
mouth our cashews and pistachios but have very very few if you’re trying to
stay in ketosis number 10 hickory nuts I don’t know that I’ve ever had one of
those but they are quite common and it has 12 grams 12% carbohydrate 64% fat
and 20% omega sixes its Omega 63 ratio is 20 and again I’ll come back to that
now we’re starting to get up into what we think of as nuts with a low
carbohydrate and a high fat ratio number 9 pine nuts 9 grams of net carbs 68
percent fat number 8 almonds have 9 percent net carbs 50 percent fat so
again not as good as some of the best ones a lot of people have been asking me
about almonds a lot of people love almonds and it’s pretty good not one of
the absolute best number 7 hazelnuts also known as filbert’s in some
countries 7% net carbs and 61 percent fat number 6 Brazil nuts 5% net carbs
and 66 percent fat number 5 peanuts which of course a lot of people refer to
as a legume but it has the name nut in its name and we eat it in such a way has
6 grams of net carbs and 50% fat number 4 one of my absolute favorites is
coconut and where these numbers are for dried coconut
so the one you buy and that’s dried and shredded usually because the fresh
coconut meat has a lot of moisture in it so by the time you dry it then we get
these numbers seven grams of net carbs and 65% fat
number three pecans has only four grams of net carbs and 72% fat that’s why it’s
so yummy it’s very very high fat and it’s so delicious
number two walnuts three grams of net carbs 59 grams of fat and my number one
favorite nut for a ketogenic diet is the macadamia nut six grams of net carbs and
76 grams of fat let’s talk about the important stuff why does the list look
like this why have I chosen these particular properties to recommend the
nuts because as you can see net carbs is hugely important but it’s not in direct
order of lowest to highest we do want low net carbs and we do want high fat
but we also are concerned with the quality of the fat the type of fat
because we have a huge problem in this country one of the main benefits of the
ketogenic diet is that it reduces inflammation and inflammation that’s
caused by sugar and grains but part of that inflammation is also caused by
excess omega-6 fatty acids so even though omega-6s and omega-3s are both
essential when we get them out of proportion then it becomes very
inflammatory and very damaging and that’s one of the biggest problems that
we have in our diet today when we look at an omega-6 to an omega-3 ratio we
want it to be as close as possible to one to one an equal amount of Omega 6s
to an equal amount of omega-3s now it’s still okay
they have estimated that our ancestors and paleo diets and so forth that you
can still have optimum health up to about a four to one
so we want to keep the omega sixes no more than four times higher than the
Omega threes and it doesn’t mean that we need to avoid omega sixes completely it
just means that we need to be aware of them and we need to counteract them with
some Omega threes because basically Omega 6s participate in pro-inflammatory
pathways and Omega threes participate in anti inflammatory pathways that’s one of
the reasons fish oil is so beneficial it has anti-inflammatory properties and it
counteracts the inflammatory effects of the modern diet so when we look at these
numbers the reason macadamia is my absolute favorite even though it doesn’t
have the lowest carbs is that it does have a very high fat content but out of
that 76 grams of fat only 1.3 grams is an omega-6 so even if you ate a whole
hundred grams of macadamia nuts which is quite a bit that’s like 800 calories
almost you would only get about one gram of omega sixes so it’s very very easy to
compensate to counteract that and if we look at the omega-6 to 3 ratio this
doesn’t mean all that much we we can look at and say ok 6 to 1 is pretty
close to 4 to 1 so we’re not we’re staying pretty neutral to that ratio
eating macadamia nuts but the other way looking at it is we’re only getting a
tiny bit of Omega 6s and therefore it’s very easy to eat some fish or some fish
oil and make up for that so walnuts is number two on the list
because it’s very low in carbs it is quite high in fat not as high and even
though it has a higher omega-6 it is the nut with the best omega-6 to 3 ratio
because it’s the only nut that really has any substantial amount of omega-3s
walnuts have about a 9% Omega three content and most of the nuts have
zero points something so you could eat a lot of walnuts you can eat a large
amount of walnuts and stay with that four to one ratio and not really violate
that ratio too much pecans number three has very low net carbs four
grams very high fat but it does have a large amount of Omega 6s and it doesn’t
have any Omega threes to offset it so the modern diet has about 20 times more
omega-6 than Omega one and that’s one of the big problems that we have like I
mentioned that the omega sixes from grain fed beef and from seed oils often
called vegetable oils like soybean and canola and sunflower and safflower
they’re extremely high in omega 6’s and those are all the oils that they used
for commercial cooking so anytime that you go out to a restaurant and eat food
just cooked food but especially fried food you’re getting very very high
omega-6 ratios and like I said that ratio is often as high as a 20 to one
and if we eat a lot of pecans we’re kind of ending up around that 20 to 1 ratio
again it doesn’t mean we can’t eat pecans but we need to be a little bit
aware of how much omega-6 is are we adding up so that we can compensate for
them with Omega threes number four coconut seven grams of net carbs it’s a
little bit higher fat is 65 but here’s the beauty of the coconut that there is
no way that you can eat enough coconut to get a large amount of omega sixes
it is mostly saturated fats which are very healthy very stable the Lord the
majority of the fat in coconut are medium chain triglycerides MCT oil is
made from coconut and therefore there’s a very low very
all amount of omega sixes and that’s why it’s such a good anti-inflammatory food
I love to use it in cookies and baking you can make the coconut macaroons I use
it in smoothies one of my absolute favorites number five peanuts six grams
of net carbs 50 grams of fat 16 grams of Omega 6s so it’s pretty high there and
when you look at the ratio of 6 to 3 you see that it’s way way way over that 20
that we’re trying to avoid it’s 5,000 185 and all that means is that it has no
Omega threes to speak of so we just have to count up we have to be aware that for
a hundred grams of peanuts then we’re getting 16 grams of Omega 6s so again
not really worse than walnuts or pecans number six Brazil nuts 5 grams of net
carbs 66 grams of fat and 21 grams of Omega 6s so again a little bit higher
than we want number 7 hazelnuts filbert’s 7 grams of net carbs 61% fat
33 grams of Omega 6s and not quite so bad
Omega 6 to 3 ratio but again for every hundred grams we eat we get a lot of
Omega 6s so better not eat too much almonds is a favorite with a lot of
people 9 grams of carbs 50% fat but only 12 grams of Omega 6s so it is one of the
better ones pine nuts 9 grams of carbs 68 percent fat 33% omega sixes so when
we look at it from this standpoint then we see that yes we want to avoid carbs
we want to have a lot of good fats but when too much of those fats are omega
sixes again we need some Omega 6s but we’ve really got to watch the quantity
so we don’t disrupt that ratio too much when we eat grass-fed butter and
grass-fed milk we’re staying close to that one-to-one
ratio it’s a stable it’s a neutral food and we just when we eat fish of course
we’re getting tons and tons of omega-3s so fish and fish oil is really about the
only thing that can offset that omega-6 dominance we eat as much neutral
one-to-one food as we can and then we want to eat some fish some fish oil to
offset the fact that a lot of other food has a lot of omega sixes so a lot of
times I see people talk about numbers of macronutrients and they’re talking about
cups or half a cup or or a serving but the a cup means different things because
a cup weighs different amounts so you’re not comparing apples to apples when
you’re talking about a cup or when you’re talking about a serving that’s
why I give you all the numbers in terms of a hundred grams that way all the
numbers are percentages another prominent Channel was talking about nuts
and they were comparing almond butter to peanut butter and they said that almond
butter was much much better than peanut butter because almond butter had less
carbs well that’s not correct because if you do a quality nut butter then there
is nothing in there except the nuts you grind up the peanuts and you have peanut
butter you grind up the almond and you have almond butter
there is nothing added you could flavor it with some salt but a quality product
a natural product is not gonna have anything in it so therefore the nut
butter has exactly the same numbers as the nut wood and when we compare almonds
at 9 grams and peanuts at 6 grams peanut butter actually comes out ahead
in terms of carbohydrate content the reason a lot of peanut butter is high in
carbs is because they add sugar and they add hydrogenated
fat’s to make the make it not separate so everything we’re talking about here
of course means that you get a good quality product so we’re gonna elaborate
one step further on who’s the winner here so in the margin here I have three
X’s these are the ones that are that you really want to avoid because they’re
very very starchy they’re very low fat there’s nothing there that’s congruent
with a ketogenic diet then I have a couple of question marks on cashews and
pistachios because they are super yummy but they are high in carbs so again if
you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re allowing yourself 30 grams of carbs you
could still have a few nuts you just can’t have handfuls of them right you
just got to figure out where that fits in your budget next we have four orange
checkmarks and these are for hickory nuts pine nuts almonds and hazelnuts so
these are basically really good keto foods if you eat just a little bit so
you could have a handful but you can’t just go to town on it because then these
carbs are gonna add up then I have a couple of check marks with a question
mark and why is that because Brazil nuts and peanuts even though the numbers look
really really good and a lot of people love them what I have found in my clinic
is that these are the two most common allergens those are the the most
commonly nuts that the people are intolerant to so a lot of people don’t
realize it with Brazil nuts a lot of people know it with peanuts they know
that allergies can be anaphylactic they can be very serious but when you get
down to the really really fine nuances of how well the body tolerates something
Brazil nuts show up as one of the most common in tolerances so be very careful
with that the top four check marks those are my superstars these are nuts that
you can eat a large amount pecans is the only one that I would be a
little bit more careful with and of course macadamias because of the omega-6
is the high fat the low carbs you could eat virtually unlimited macadamias you
could eat virtually unlimited coconuts and again they’re so rich that you’re
not going to eat a half a pound of those nuts but even if you did you’d still be
within your ketogenic limits if you liked this video and you’d like to learn
more about the ketogenic lifestyle I bet you loved that video thank you so much
for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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