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#1 Reason Your Belly Is Fat! – Meet Insulin Resistance

October 15, 2019

Hey everybody is Denise back with you
Keto with Denise to talk about a very important topic now I really want
to encourage you to get a notepad and pen so that you can take some notes on
this because this is really important it’s called the insulin resistance you
may have heard about it before you may know a lot about it but I’m going to act
as though you know nothing about it for those of you that are watching this
video I want you to pay close attention because there are some things going on
in our bodies that we don’t really even know there’s some outward appearance
about these issues but I want to really dig deep so you can understand it okay
so first before we talk about insulin resistance let’s talk about what is
insulin and there’s another video that goes into details about the functions of
insulin but I want to just recap it right now insulin is a hormone a very
important hormone that your body makes is made by the pancreas so whenever the
pancreas releases insulin and the blood stream it goes to do a number of
different things to nourish your cells turn glucose into glycogen fat burning
etc etc so there’s a whole lot of things that your body needs even absorption of
minerals and vitamins like potassium and things like that so very important that
you understand that insulin is a very vital hormone in the body but what
happens when there is too much insulin being created so let’s establish the
scenario this way if you are eating a very high sugar high carb diet it’s very
likely that you have insulin resistance that’s a lot of sugar being produced in
the body which causes a lot of insulin to be released so let’s follow the flow
of how the body works the pancreas creates insulin we said that it’s sent
through the bloodstream and if there is too much insulin because you’ve eaten
high sugar high carb foods there are cell receptors that won’t block that
insulin it’s supposed to be coming in right here but it gets blocked and the
cells cannot absorb or take in that insulin and that’s a problem it’s a
problem on one hand but it’s really a problem a good thing that your
sales are rejecting it because too much insulin in the body it’s deadly so
there’s different levels and stages of insulin resistance some people you may
have completely maybe completely blocked committing there’s no insulin getting in
and some people may have partial blocks it might be 20% block 80 percent block
but it’s not getting enough of what it needs so in essence when it is blocked
to whatever degree that cell receptor notes that it’s going to block it excess
insulin will be stored as fat and their cells don’t receive the nutrients and
all the other functions that that insulin is supposed to do so what
happens now the cell receptors send what’s called the feedback them because
there’s a two-way conversation going on with the hormones right so the cell
receptors that didn’t get that insulin will send that feedback back to the
pancreas saying I did not get that insulin I have low insulin state going
on right now so what do you think the pancreas is going to do at that moment
when that signal is given that you guessed it it’s going to create more
insulin and now we have an even bigger problem we already started with too much
insulin now the pancreas is doing what it should be doing it’s going to create
more insulin so there are people that have five to seven times more insulin in
their bodies being released in their bodies than they really should have and
that’s where the degradation in your health begins because what’s happening
you’ve got some parts of the body with low insulin and other parts of the body
with high insulin so you have a potential of hypoglycemia and
hyperglycemia we’ll talk about that in another video but I want you to
understand that whenever you’re eating high sugar high carb foods this is what
the body is doing now that it’s one is released every time you eat less less
establish that whenever you eat insulin is going to be released because your
body’s trying to get the nutrients and so on and so forth it’s trying to store
that burn that sugar and turn it into glucose
that kind of thing but what’s really important is that when you’re eating
high sugar high carbs then that’s reducing way more insulin than the body
needs so what happens when you’ve got a state of insulin resistance by the way
one way that you know you have insulin resistance or possibly this scenario
going on let’s take a look at your belly if you have an extended or protruding
belly it is very likely that you are dealing with this situation of insulin
resistance and by the way your glucose levels could read normal when you go to
your doctor and have him live work done or even have a post tolerance test done
they may come back normal but that doesn’t mean this condition doesn’t
happen why because insulin is not typically tested there is a test called
pull-up IR that tests for insulin resistance and that’s when you’re going
to know what state your body is actually resistant some people have requested
Abbott done but it’s not regularly done so what happens this goes on for a
period of time this could take years before it manifests itself into high
blood sugars and then of course the diabetes begins and some of these other
things but keep in mind what’s happening in the meantime is the body is already
struggling and if this continues to go because there’s a lot of snacking
there’s a lot of meals frequent all these things that trigger insulin then
you’ve got this high insulin and guess I think you said it before the body is
going to store is back that’s what’s making us fat and that’s what’s also
keeping us from losing weight because one of the functions of insulin is to
burn fat and if they can’t even get into the cells to do what it needs to do
then you’re just going to continue to get bigger and bigger I know this
firsthand because I tried a number of different things to lose weight and it
wasn’t until I started with insulin resistance and bringing down the
carbs and the sugars and changing my diet that this thing began to reverse no
more high blood pressure because high blood pressure is one of the onset
impacts of insulin resistance and then the list goes on and on we’ve got we
covered that in a different video I talk about that all the different chronic
illnesses that insulin resistance can cause but what I want you to understand
if you take away anything from this discussion first understand an insulin
resistance the body is blocking insulin or the cells of lacking insulin to some
degree it could be a hundred percent block or some derivatives of that but
the fact that you’re not getting the insulin that your body needs that means
that really in some cases your cells could be starving
literally starving you’re eating but your sales are starving because they’re
not getting the nutrients and you want to hear something else is really
interesting because the cells are not getting the insulin that it needs the
results of that you wonder why are you having cravings for sugar and carbs this
is one reason you want to know why you’re hungry and never satisfied
meaning you just ate two hours ago but get you’re ready to nibble on something
else or that afternoon urge like three o’clock or so 2:30 3 o’clock you need
something sweet or snack insulin resistance could be at work there and
then of course weight gain especially the belly in fact which we talked about
so these are things that we’re going to go into detail about insulin resistance
and some of the other videos this is just the basics so that you understand
pretty much when you hear the term insulin resistance what that really
means so right now what I want you to really begin to think about it start
making efforts to reduce the high sugar and carbs in your diet so that you can
begin to address this situation okay so that’s all we have for you thank you for
watching it will the next video

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